Saturday, September 17, 2016

My Home: Boys Explorer Bedroom

 Pennant Flag   |   Canvas Banner  |  Lamp  |  Print  |  Wood Hooks  |  Sheets  |  Metal Table  |  Antlers  |  Similar Plank Bed (Ana White) 

My son's bedroom has been one of the hardest rooms to finish in the house.  My son has Autism and his needs are truly different than most typical children and even others who have Autism.  He doesn't have a lot of toys or stuff, given his lack of interest, he would much prefer to climb, jump, swing, and explore outside.  So his bedroom doesn't supply a lot of entertainment like it may for other little boys. We need things to be sturdy and strong, since he doesn't realize his true strength just yet.  So it's important to be sure whatever is in his room will withstand the test of time and also getting roughed up just a bit.  So while I have it labeled 'Explorers' I'm keeping things simple without going over board on a themed room, which I'm not a big fan of.  The pieces will be rustic, classic, and fun so he can enjoy it years later.

And while we've been living here a year, it gave me ample time to really think about how to design his room and give him something that truly speaks to him.  So for starters, I'll fill you in on what we began with.  We decided to build him a loft bed when we moved in because well, I thought it would be cool and that it would free up the space for him to play and have in-home therapy (Which we had at the time, but do not anymore).  Fast forward a year later...I hate that bed.  I despise changing the sheets because well, changing a loft bed sheet makes me realize I loathe the task.  And for my son with special needs, trying to teach him how to make his bed from this height is just not feasible and we need something much lower to the ground.  First rule of thumb for designing a it for the person and their specific needs.  If you don't, you will not love the space or being in it. 

For the bed we wanted something simple yet rustic. After some research I found one of Ana White's bed plans that are almost identical to the one from Pottery Barn above.  It's simple and we can use all of the wood we had to make his loft bed.  For the wall decor I'll be using a few of the pieces already in his room, as seen below, since they fit in well with the whole look we're going for.

And for your viewing's a few before photos so you can see the progress over the coming weeks.

And one of the best aspects of the design will be that it won't cost us an arm and a leg.  Everything I've chosen for the space we either have on hand already, is on sale, or a simple DIY project.  I already bought an antique dresser off Craigslist this past week for $50!  I'm working to refinish it and it will soon be moved into the space.

There will be a few added surprises that I didn't put into the design board above but I think they will make the space extra special for my boy.  

Now to get cracking on that bed!  

Monday, April 18, 2016

Back at it...& an Entry Update

It's been such a long time, friends! I haven't blogged in about a year and I can honestly say it was just one of those things that had to give.  We had just moved into our home in February of 2015 and I'd just begun putting the house together.  At the time I had thought of putting some blog posts together, but threw that idea out the window and decided to give myself a little break, you my thing, live life, and focus on family and school.  

But in the last few months or so, I've felt rejuvenated and excited about writing again.  I really do enjoy it and hope that I can remind myself of just how important and valuable this is to me as a designer.  So as a starting off point to getting back at it, we'll start with my entry way, which certainly is anything but.  My front door opens right into the living area, which presents a challenge.  So to give the appearance of an entry, I floated our sofa in the middle of the room to divide the space up.

When we first moved we had a single entry table. I played around with a single large piece of artwork and even thought I'd give it a go with a gallery wall.  All of which just never seemed right.  It always felt off and just wasn't speaking to me at all.  Then around Christmas last year, I came across a used piano for a steal--and the rest is history.  The piano had only one place to go, which meant our entry table got booted to the garage. *Sad face*  All of the other walls are either occupied by windows or furniture.  So, yet again I played around with variations of picture frames, trying to find the right piece to hang above my new (old) piano.  

Finally, at last...only five short months later it feels complete.  I went with my gut and decided to keep it simple. Once I knew what I wanted, it didn't take me long to find exactly what I was looking for. And you wouldn't be surprised to find out just how ecstatic I was when I found this simple and inexpensive mirror from Target. I ran home like a giddy little school girl and put her up right away.  

Even while this area has gone through so many variations, this look feels complete and finished.  Having a completed area of the house is so important.  It can boost your spirits to finish other projects and really make your home feel more like you, which of course it the goal, right?

Do you have any rooms or areas in your home that need to be completed?  If you're asking, which you aren't, don't over think it.  That's my Monday mantra...don't over think it.

Happy Monday, friends!


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Dining Room Update & Lantern Chandeliers

After what has seemed like an eternity, I've been tackling a few projects around the house.  While we don't own this home, it is still our home now, in the present day.  And both the hubby and I agree that while we won't be pouring tons of money into this house, we do think we can and will make some adjustments to make minor additions, especially when they are inexpensive and really simple to do.  When we first moved in, I noticed this sad little light in the dining room right away.  I mean, c'mon...we couldn't spend a little money on a simple hanging light?  I get it.  It doesn't need to be grand or extravagant...but anything besides this light would have been better.  

As I thought about what light would work in here, I knew that I wanted something simple and casual to go along with our dining room table and chairs.  The room has a lot of wood and so I immediately thought of this lantern light from World Market.  I love the simplicity of it and the scale of it is not large at all, which is perfect or our small dining room. I even managed to snag it on sale for only $80! That's music to anyone's ears, I'd say.

Here's a little before to remind you where we started....

And twenty minutes later.

The change is small but significant, but a nice change of scenery from that sad hall light lost a midst our vaulted ceilings.  A few more things are still in the works for this room including: curtains, artwork, and new slipcovers for the end chairs. So we're still a ways from finishing to say the least. While I feel this room would benefit from a few canned lights, given the fancy light I got from Home Depot really doesn't give off much light. I'm looking for a bulb that is specific for exposed lights but packs a much stronger light output.    

And to share, I've rounded up some really awesome hanging lights that start at just $99.  There really is something for everyone and for every budget, so don't be scared about the price tag.  Lighting really is important to a home and doesn't have to be completely utilitarian.  They help to set the tone of the room and can be an incredible focal point.  

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