Saturday, September 11, 2010

DIY Lollipop Ghost Wreath

I saw this wreath in a magazine probably 5 or so years ago and have made it every year since. It's fun and can second as trick-or-treat candy, if you are unable to be home that evening when the little ones stop by.

- a wreath (I bought mine from Micheal's for about $3.99) & spray painted it black 
- box of kleenex 
- 1/8 in. craft ribbon or curling ribbon (I used craft ribbon, black and orange) 
- black sharpie 
- approx. 50 lollipops (I bought mine in bulk from the store) 
- ribbon to hang wreath (optional) 

1) Cut your craft ribbon about 5-6in in length. Wrap each lollipop in a single layer of kleenex and tie a ribbon underneath with just a simple bow tie. 

2) Take your black sharpie pen and draw a ghost face with 2 eyes and a mouth. Be very careful when you are drawing onto your kleenex, I bought the cheapest kleenex and had to be careful not to press down hard or else the paper would tear. 

3) After you are finished tying your white ghosts, start sticking your little ones into your wreath. Start at the top, off center and work your way around your wreath. When I place them in it's best to not think too much about placement. Your ghost tails will take up quite a bit of space and you want to see there little faces as much as possible. 

4) Once you are finished sticking in your little ghosts. Take the ribbon you want to use to hang it and wrap it around your wreath. you can either choose to make a bow or just simply tie a knot. This is what I did. Or you can opt for no ribbon and bow and completely cover your wreath in ghosts! 

I say have fun with very first year when I did this wreath, I used different coordinating fabrics and used them to cover my ghosts. But I didn't want to spend money each year on fabric that would just be thrown away...but it does make for a cute wreath!!! I also don't put this wreath out until Halloween, it stays on the inside of my front door and then I put it out. 

Happy decorating!!