Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ikea Mirror Knockoff

A while back I spied this mirror at Ikea.  

But of course at the time I was picking up a few other things and it just wasn't in my budget to buy her.  Ugh.  And unfortunately, because Ikea likes to keep there distance from so many of us (the nearest one to me is about 40 minutes away, and I rarely get the chance to just "stop by").  And that they don't sell her online.  Pshh!  

So I thought I would get to makn' the closest thing I could find at my local craft store and copy it!

The mirror from Ikea measures about 21 inches (give or take). 
Mine?  Maybe like half of theres. 

 I picked up a small mirror from Joann's and a about 4 of these little bags of squared mirrors.

Using some handy dandy tacky glue, I glued all my little mirrors on, starting from the outside.
I then let her sit for the day, so the glue could dry really well.    

And here she is.  For around $10.  I had myself a great little mirror for my bedroom wall.  

Granted, I know my quality mirror sucks.  But when your lookn' for a quick fix.  I don't even mind.  She looks super on my wall.  

Oh, yeah...and Happy Cinco de Mayo!!

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