Saturday, July 23, 2011

Inspired Rooms: Cougar Town

So recently I started watching "Cougar Town", starring Courtney Cox.  I haven't had cable in over a year (which is a whole other post)...and so I had run out of good DVD's to rent from my Netflix, so I started in on some TV shows.  I am huge..and by huge, I mean HUGE fan of 'FRIENDS'.  So of course, it's only natural that I would want to watch my favorite people.  And I was so happy I did!  It's a crack up.  I absolutely love this show and felt bad about my initial judgement on the show.  Not only is it funny, but I instantly fell in love with the set design.  It kinda reminds me of the set design from 'FRIENDS'.  Not that it mimics the set design of 'FRIENDS'...but the set has fun elements and you're constantly looking around the space for something fun and new to catch your eye.  

Courtney Cox plays, Jules, recently divorced and living with her teenage son.  They live in Florida and are constantly surrounded by their "cul-de-sac buddies".   The set has pops of color and lots of seashells and greenery.  I'm assuming trying to keep with the fact that they live in Florida.  

I've been crushing on her 2 identical arm chairs and coral couch since day 1.  

Jules' kitchen is very up to date and fresh.  I love the pendant lighting and bar stool chairs.  And the white cabinets and contrast with the dark wood floors.  

Her neighbor and best friend, Ellie, has a very country chic home.  It screams girl.  But if you watch the show, you'll know Ellie is the one who wears the pants in this house.  So it is as it should be in the decor of her home, right?  

Check out her gallery wall and the damask print in her entryway.  

I love her room especially.  The bedside table and dresser are super beautiful.  The print on the chairs especially have me giddy.  So girly!

Images via {hookedonhouses}

I'm sure I am coming in way late on how amazing this set design is...oh well.  I still love I still love my 'FRIENDS'!!  And if you haven't should watch the show.  If not for the comedy, watch it for the won't be disappointed.Hopefully you have something fun planned for the weekend.  I'm headed to an awesome fabric store where my parents live...can't wait to show you what I come home with!

Happy Saturday!!