Friday, August 5, 2011


Who isn't in love ikat? Seriously.  This trend, I believe, came onto the scene back in 2008.  And years later, it still seems to be a winner and gaining momentum.  I despise the fact that a lot of designers and such like to say things like that are "over" or "already done".  But I think we can all agree that good design is never "over".  I love that things come back into style and just kinda rotate themselves back into our homes and decor.  Just the same as bell-bottom pants, off the shoulder tops, platforms, sunburst mirrors, silhouettes, mid-century furniture and countless other trends.  Good design is just that, good.  

So, the other day I found some super lovely ikat material at Home Fabrics for $3 a yard...Hello!!
Such a steal, I tell ya!!!!  
I just had to scoop some of this fabric up and jump on the Ikat trend. 
And for less than $20, I have some uber cool curtains.

And I completely forgot to mention, I received my awesome LOVE print from Jen at Made By Girl, a while back.  I love it!! 
{Pictured above}

And I know you love the image that is, my amazing porch featuring my BBQ.  Plus, the lamp cord hanging so lovely, out from under my console table. 

 Now that's what I call a REAL picture!!

Do you have any "over" trends that you just love or are using right now?