Saturday, December 3, 2011

Winter-land Advent

I saw this idea here, via Pinterest, a few months ago.  There are a ton of ways to display it, but I needed it to be quick and cheap.  I strung some cute winter-y cardboard tags onto some twine and numbered each one.  Because this calendar is uber cheap, I wrote directly on the back of each one.  There is a different activity for each day in December, mainly things I try to do with the kids anyway and some new fav's that I hope will become tradition.     

I'm excited for today's activity.  We're going to the town's annual Christmas parade.  It's feeling a bit more like Christmas, with the cooler weather, which means we can snuggle on the curb in downtown with some goodies and hot cocoa. 

 Last year was the first one we attended and we didn't even make it to the end.  The kids got to see Santa, but after 2 hours, I had to call it quits.    

What advent are you using this year??

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