Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Blue Dresser & Headboard

I finished a couple more pieces for a client this past week.  One, you saw here.  It was a beautiful green cabinet...that turned out to be my favorite piece, so far.  The other two, was a head board and small dresser.  Both pieces are for her son, who as of right now has a Star Wars theme.  But to keep it neutral and workable for future years, while he grows, she wanted a simple blue, lightly distressed with a darker blue beneath.

To give the dresser a little something extra, I painted the knobs white and used a very trendy chevron pattern.  Which again, are very easy to change out.  

The headboard, is really basic, with the same paint technique again.

While finishing both of these projects, I kept thinking how much faster I could finish, if I had paint sprayer.  Yes, I painted these by hand...which might be fine for smaller projects...but seriously, what am I thinking??!  I need me a paint sprayer.  *Sigh*  I mean...I think I'm wasting so much precious time...right?

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