Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Pouf

These little babies can be seen everywhere now a days.  They add a little flare to any room.  Prices range anywhere from $50-$1,000.  You can purchase them from most stores or online.  Now if you're like most of us (which I'm sure you are)'re probably thinking the cheaper the better.  

And if you're like myself, you're thinking you could just DIY, right? 

Well, Better Home and Gardens has a great 

little tutorial here if you want to take tackle this project.  

Now to decide what fabric to do it in...

Leather, cotton, burlap??

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Grey Dresser

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend!  The weather here in Southern California has been going through some mood changes, one day cold and rainy and the next hot and ready for the pool.  Thankfully, Easter weekend was gorgeous.  And I was able to get some great photos of the latest.

This nine-drawer dresser belongs to my sister, who picked up this solid piece for $15.  
I finished her in Behr- Pewter Mug (satin).  

She's so beautiful...I wanted to keep her for myself. 

Originally, all the drawers had big bulky wood knobs.  

To give some variety, I filled in the holes for the large drawers and added pulls.

This piece will be going into one of her daughter's room.  My niece actually wanted black, but we were able to persuade her with this grey (even though mom's final say was the end of it).  We thought it would be perfect for her to "grow into".  It may be mature for her young age, but she'll love it just the same years later.

And on a side note...I finally got my stuff together and took an Annie Sloan paint class last night.

And boy am I not sorry.
The price point scared me the most at first...but after using the stuff, I was hooked. 
Plus, who doesn't love the ability not having to sand??  
(All the ladies in the room, raise your hands!)

Seriously, the stuff is amazing and I am now just trying to decide what I should paint with it!?  
I can't wait to try it!