Monday, June 18, 2012

Mixing it Up

Father's Day weekend was a blast.  Got to hang out with my family (with a little bit of family drama), take family pictures, which I'm sure you know equals = Crazy, attended a baby blessing, and went to the movies with all my little nieces and nephews.  As tiring as all of that sounds--I'm headed to the beach with them today.  Oh my.  But it's the crazy that makes them fun to be with and part of what drives the love, yeah?  

And just a little snip-it on the photo above..I love a good mix.  Too often I find that people are so determined and set on everything looking "perfect" that they forget that a collective space of the things you love, can turn into a beautiful space.  I adore the very different light fixtures and how the settee at the end of the table is longer than ideal.  And the furniture in the living space doesn't match.  It's a great mix.  

So tell me, how does your design taste effect how you put together a room?

Does everything match? 

 Or do you like a little "curve ball" to mix it up?

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Inspire to let Go

I think the best advise for creating...

is to 
        Let Go.


Let go...

of what you think is perfect,

of what you think is expected,

of what the popular kids are doing.

Forget the rules.


Because when you do...

                      you find   

Happy Wednesday

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Evolution of a Patio: Part l

I am a renter and with that it means I don't have a yard to tend to and my views are not much to look at.  I have your typical patio, fenced, with very little shade and lacking in appeal (since my living room looks right onto my patio).  She was begging me to make her "pretty".   Now for the past few years, this space has gone without, and well--because honestly, I've been super busy and funds are always scarce.  But I figured this year I was going to work on it.  

My patio has fallen victim to my children's slide and toys...and amazingly enough a few plants have survived there as well.  But overall, nothing amazing or appealing to draw me out to it.  But I am slowly going to help my patio evolve into something that I will want to be a part of. 

First, the before...

First off, I had to decide whether I wanted an actual dining set table and chairs or more of a small conversation space.  Well given that I don't have too many dinner parties here and again, that funds are slim, I opted for a couple of small chairs and a nice rug.  This way, I could still go out and enjoy the space while my children played.  

Because my space is small and I am only doing a small conversation area, I only need a small rug.  I scored this 5x7 indoor/outdoor rug from Allen+Roth from Lowe's.  And...hello, $12!  The colors are very neutral and will hide the dirt that I am sure will accumulate from the gardeners blowing leaves onto my patio.  And even though I would love a small couch or settee for the space, my budget wouldn't cover it.  So I opted for 2 standard chairs, neutral as well and easy to clean.

After I cleared away the beat-up and yucky outdoor mat (or whatever it was) out.  Moved the unused BBQ out and set out the new stuff.  I was so loving it already!  Now, I plant situation needs some help and I am far from finished.  But it's the process that's fun. 

I love the geometric print on the rug and it is uber soft too.  
I can't wait to sit out here!

Once I finally got the wheels in my head-a-turning...I started brainstorming for the next elements.

A table or ottoman (of some sort), pillows, something for shade and...

a water feature.

You know, something my children won't mistake for a water play table.  
This water feature caught my's simple, and I love the rocks with the concrete base.

  So very contemporary.  

Plus, I've already found a few DIY's on these bad boys..seems easy to do and easy on my wallet.


Summer is a comin' and I am on a mission to finish her before the end of the month.  I've already started on the next project (something I scored for FREE..woohoo!) that will shortly be joining my patio family....I can't wait!!

Stay tuned!