Monday, June 18, 2012

Mixing it Up

Father's Day weekend was a blast.  Got to hang out with my family (with a little bit of family drama), take family pictures, which I'm sure you know equals = Crazy, attended a baby blessing, and went to the movies with all my little nieces and nephews.  As tiring as all of that sounds--I'm headed to the beach with them today.  Oh my.  But it's the crazy that makes them fun to be with and part of what drives the love, yeah?  

And just a little snip-it on the photo above..I love a good mix.  Too often I find that people are so determined and set on everything looking "perfect" that they forget that a collective space of the things you love, can turn into a beautiful space.  I adore the very different light fixtures and how the settee at the end of the table is longer than ideal.  And the furniture in the living space doesn't match.  It's a great mix.  

So tell me, how does your design taste effect how you put together a room?

Does everything match? 

 Or do you like a little "curve ball" to mix it up?


  1. What a cool space! I love a curve ball! I don't have too many right now though, but ultimately that's my favorite kind of room- one that gives people "surprises" to look at.

  2. I love that space! The colors and design are right on!