Sunday, July 15, 2012

Drawing & Horses

Friday, I started my Drawing class, in which I've already had three assignments due.  Crazy, right?  Thank goodness drawing has come back to me, like driving a stick shift.  My first project was a self portrait and like I said, it all kinda came back to me.  I'm no artist, but I'm a step up from chicken scratch, so I wasn't too embarrassed about posting it to my class.  And speaking of animals...let's talk horses.

Now, I'm as far from a country girl or equestrian, as you can get.  Don't get me wrong, I love the outdoors and camping, shooting n' stuff...but have only been on a horse once and wouldn't know how to milk a cow if my life depended on it.  But lately I've been enticed by the horse decor that's been floating around lately.  It's not country-esqe or rustic, I guess you could say.  I love how they are mixed in with contemporary, modern and traditional style rooms, it gives it that little extra something.  I love it when rooms throw in a's fresh and interesting to a room.

These folk art paintings from Ballard Designs would be gorgeous in a child's bedroom, very whimsical.


This photo, from an Etsy dealer, would be awesome enlarged.  It seems so quiet and calm and I love the detail you get in it.


This image, from Atlanta Homes Mag, is perfect.  Different angles of the horse, and displayed gallery style.



One of my favorites from this chic white horse photo displayed in a very chic decor; nothing country about this one.


And because I can't live without a little gesture drawing...


Are you feeling it?

I am.

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