Tuesday, July 3, 2012


For over a month now, this print has been sitting in my closet, as I have been searching high and low for a bargain frame.  I mean seriously..can you believe how much frames are?!  I guess I was a little over zealous when I bought the print...and didn't realize it might cost me an arm and a leg to frame her.  Thank goodness there's a way to fake it.  Buying the frame at half price, from my local craft & hobby store, then using a little magic we call, Rub-n-Buff, in Antique gold, to finish her in gold.  She looks like a million bucks.  And for the moment she sits on my console table near the front door, since I haven't really decided on her placement just yet.

And as I'm sitting here writing this post, I realize I haven't given much thought as to what our plans for the 4th will be.  Most of my family is out of state, visiting with a sibling who is blessing their newest baby girl.  (Man, I wish I could be there).  So tomorrow's festivities will be just me and the kiddies, I presume.  Probably a parade, some swimming and some George Foreman hamburgers (since I don't know how to even work a bbq). 

Hope yours is a blast! 

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