Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Evolution of a Patio: Part II

Last month I started sprucing up my sad little patio, and had hoped I would be finished by the beginning of July.  Well, reality hit and here we are at the end of July and I am still--working on her.  Since then, I've added a couple shrubs, that are supposed to do well in containers (let's pray they're right), a couple of cute pillows, lights and a new table.  

Last year, while visiting my sister and her family, I noticed this large electrical spool.  Knowing my BIL was probably going to get rid of it, I asked if I could have it.  They looked at me like I was silly and obliged.  I had seen a few diy table of these floating around blogger-town and knew I would use it somewhere.  My patio, was the perfect space.  I sanded her down, slapped on some stain and some wheels...voila!  Instant side table.  

Isn't she adorable?

I am still set on some kind of water feature and some kind of focal piece of art...or something.  And even with my patio, still coming together, I have been enjoying my little "space" outside.  I love that I have some place to sit and the kids aren't overtaking it.  Sometimes you just gotta say "No".  

Hope your week is turning into a good one...

Happy Tuesday, all!  


  1. So cute. It's always nice to spruce up your outdoor space...makes you enjoy it more!

  2. I want to come sit in your patio....ok, I'll look at it online. It is beautiful - hope you find the perfect (and inexpensive) water feature. Wished I had a pump to send you and see what kind of feature you created!! My pump quit working after years of being in my office.

  3. these picts are all gorg!!! I love peeking into other people's living spaces...crazy??? thank you