Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Showcase: Little Blue Dresser

Sunday is here and I'm ready for the week to hurry and begin.  I know. Weird, right?  Maybe it was this weekend...I'm feeling a little blue.  And not just to be cute, cuz I'm showing off this little blue number.  Yeah...I'm in a funk.  And I don't know what it is.  I can't put my finger on it.  I have a few ideas as to why...but really just trying to keep my mind off of them.  

This little baby is a family hand-me-down, of sorts.  My siblings and I, all used this dresser growing up.  Either at one point or another, and it's survived.  Just barely.  It now belongs to my adorable nephews, who I am sure will put it to the test, again.  We rethought the top drawers and decided to leave them out, this way, for future use, they might use this as a media center for the playroom.  I guess that'll be up to them.

And to give you an idea of where we started, a crappy phone picture. (This way it looks reeeeaaallly good, in the after shot.) But really it was bad.

Enjoy the day!!!

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Favorites: Accessories

Happy Weekend everyone!  

I'm an accessories girl all the way and while I may not always have the ability or funds to buy myself a decent wardrobe...accessories are my go-to.  The sparkly collar, I've been eyeing everywhere is just too chic for words.  And the best part is--I think this could be such a great diy project.   



And I just booked my first ever, Stella & Dot Trunk party for next month.  My wishlist is growing by the minute with this Kalahari bangle, being one of my top ten.

Stella & Dot

And helloooo!!!  The cuteness factor just hit the fan...these Macaroon trinket boxes are so yummy, I'd have to resist taking a little nibble of them.


Towne & Reese

TGIF people!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Inspiration: Kitty Genius

Hey friends!  Monday is here and I hope you all had an awesome weekend.  Mine was awesome.  It started out on Friday, when me and my baby girl went to Disneyland.  We had a blast!  Minus the 108 degree temperature..we had a good time.  The rest of the weekend was used up just relaxing and recouping from that long, hot day.  

So any who...the class I'm taking in school right now is 'Color for Print'.  It's a basic color class, discussing color in design, the attributes of color and the way they make us feel and react.  So it's safe to say, I'm a bit obsessed with color and prints right now, and soaking up every bit of color and abstract design.  While on the browse...I came across Ashley Goldberg, who blogs over at Kitty Genius and fell in love with her stuff.  I adore her masterful prints of geometric shapes and designs.  Two words people.  Whimsical & Inspiring.

*See more of her amazing stuff...I didn't post, here. 
   (It's freaking fantastic!)

Have a lovely Monday!

All images via:  Kitty Genius

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Target Home Line know just what we want.  I am right, or am I right?  We just love to unwittingly empty our wallets to you and we just keep coming back for more.  This fall season, a few new independent shops have collaborated with Target to bring us some oh-so-good goodies.  The likes of which, we just don't have the luxury of shopping for in suburbia.  So this week, in my overly jam packed week, I mossed on over to my favorite section in decor, where they always stock the good stuff.  It's like candy, right ladies?  Candy for the home, which keeps my checkbook quite slim.

I absolutely loved the equestrian, rustic look.  Lots of earth tones, Cherokee and vintage items.  I think my favorite was the leather/felt covered magazine holder.  Classy, baby.

A little Bambi-esque motif going on.  Reminds me a little of Anthro.  Grey makes these look a little more grown up.  And so pretty!

But of course, my favorite collection, is from the Timeless Home Decor Collection.  You can see all of the items here.  They are gorgeous and really, timeless, as they say.  

I mean really.  Who could resist those hammered gold vases and that creme ottoman!? Ugh.  

But basically, my diy brain was workn' and I held off on purchasing anything.
(Unless they happen to go major clearance--then I won't hold back).

So have you seen the great stuff yet?

Make a purchase?  

I think I may go back for those vases....

I'm infatuated.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Mixing Patterns

This mornings, Monday inspiration, comes from Lonny's September issue, and taking some advice from Amanda Nisbet, Interior Designer and author of Dazzling Design.  She tells us a thing or two about mixing patterns (my ultimate fave)!  



This isn't a fashion blog, by any means, but I agree there is much to be said that interiors and fashion, go hand-in-hand.  I love this well played mix by Blair of Atlantic-Pacific.  



I'm hoping to be inspired myself today...projects that were started over the weekend have leaked into this week.  

Have a happy Monday!

Friday, September 7, 2012

The Evolution of a Patio: REVEAL

Now you may or may not remember, but back in June I decided to give my sad little patio a little mini makeover.  If you want to catch a glimpse of the progress made, you can find them here:

There was nothing special or inviting about the space and even my kiddos barely made it outside.  Now this little makeover didn't cost me a fortune, but it did take me some time to gather all my goodies.  I was on a mission to spend a little as possible, even cutting a few things I would have like to do.  But there's always next summer, right?  It's the way you gotta go sometimes.  And now (how many months later), I have a nice little spot outside to sit, which in my opinion is going to happen now that it's starting to cool off a bit.

This spool table, is something we've all pretty much seen around blog land.  I spotted her one day in my sister's garage, her hubby had brought it home from work and he obliged to hand it over when I asked to have it.  A little sanding and stain later, she's a quaint little table wrapped in a fun geometric rug.

Now, I am realistic...this patio isn't just for myself, it also belongs to 2 little rascals who insist on following me everywhere.  So they needed a little space as well.  I'm great at sharing like that.  
And P.S.-  I have no idea what is going on with my sad little plant there in the middle, I think she's been getting too much water or somethin'...who would've thought?  (Me over water something?? Impossible!)

Now to be fair and not just tell you that this makeover was uber cheap, I put together a list of resources and dollar bills for your judging pleasure.  

Patio Resources List:

  • Outdoor geometric rug; Lowe's - $12
  • Two outdoor chairs; Lowe's - $19.99/each
  • Spool table - FREE
  • Rug wrapped around table; Target - $12
  • Wood cream colored umbrella; Home Depot - $45 (on sale)
  • Black Lantern; Target - $24.99
  • Turquoise outdoor pillow; Home Depot - $9 (on sale)
  • Striped outdoor pillow; Target - $6.98 (on sale)
  • Two bronze modern planters; Lowe's - $12/each
  • Two garden shrubs; Home Depot - $24
  • Succulent plants & fake plants on table - already had on hand

Now I will say--even after adding the whole kit and caboodle together, I give myself props for spending as little as I did.  Given that most patio sets total my entire space.

Ya me!

Link to:
Liz Marie Blog

Monday, September 3, 2012

Wallpaper Artwork

Happy Labor day everyone!!  My Labor Day is pretty quiet...since the kids and I spent the weekend with my family.  We came back into town last night and I was exhausted, I knew today would be spent lounging around and watching movies.  And we've done just that.  Plus, it was nice to know I could catch up on a few little projects that needed finishing.

Last week, I was at one of my favorite stores, World Market.  And I came across these sheets of wrapping paper.  (Sorry for the blurry pic, this one I took with my phone)

They were the prettiest things!  And for $2.99...a steal.  I love pattern and color and had been looking for something to use above my bed in my bedroom.  This seemed like the cheapest thing--next to art.  I picked out a pink and gold number and then a more colorful print with pinks, greens and gold (I knew that was my favorite).

Going through my embarrassing collection of frames, hidden in my craft closet, I found 2 identical ones.  I think I may have used these for my kiddos photos at one time?  And cut and hung later...they look so chic and pretty against the mass of black and white.  I was in major need of color.

Among, cutting and framing my cheap-tastic art...I'm excited because classes started again today.  Yes, today.  Normally, my classes have a day or so break in between them, but I've had 2 weeks between my last class and the one starting today.  I know if I didn't absolutely love my career, this would sure put a damper on my Labor day.  But it hasn't.  I've had enough time off and I'm excited to get going again. 

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend, enjoy your day!