Thursday, September 13, 2012

Target Home Line know just what we want.  I am right, or am I right?  We just love to unwittingly empty our wallets to you and we just keep coming back for more.  This fall season, a few new independent shops have collaborated with Target to bring us some oh-so-good goodies.  The likes of which, we just don't have the luxury of shopping for in suburbia.  So this week, in my overly jam packed week, I mossed on over to my favorite section in decor, where they always stock the good stuff.  It's like candy, right ladies?  Candy for the home, which keeps my checkbook quite slim.

I absolutely loved the equestrian, rustic look.  Lots of earth tones, Cherokee and vintage items.  I think my favorite was the leather/felt covered magazine holder.  Classy, baby.

A little Bambi-esque motif going on.  Reminds me a little of Anthro.  Grey makes these look a little more grown up.  And so pretty!

But of course, my favorite collection, is from the Timeless Home Decor Collection.  You can see all of the items here.  They are gorgeous and really, timeless, as they say.  

I mean really.  Who could resist those hammered gold vases and that creme ottoman!? Ugh.  

But basically, my diy brain was workn' and I held off on purchasing anything.
(Unless they happen to go major clearance--then I won't hold back).

So have you seen the great stuff yet?

Make a purchase?  

I think I may go back for those vases....

I'm infatuated.


  1. I make a pilgrimage to Target weekly. They suck me in with their dollar spot, keep me happy with their popcorn and Icees and leave me broke with their merchandise.

    It's a love/hate relationship, really. :)

  2. Wow! Wouldn't it be nice to have all the money in the world so you could spend it all in target.