Friday, September 7, 2012

The Evolution of a Patio: REVEAL

Now you may or may not remember, but back in June I decided to give my sad little patio a little mini makeover.  If you want to catch a glimpse of the progress made, you can find them here:

There was nothing special or inviting about the space and even my kiddos barely made it outside.  Now this little makeover didn't cost me a fortune, but it did take me some time to gather all my goodies.  I was on a mission to spend a little as possible, even cutting a few things I would have like to do.  But there's always next summer, right?  It's the way you gotta go sometimes.  And now (how many months later), I have a nice little spot outside to sit, which in my opinion is going to happen now that it's starting to cool off a bit.

This spool table, is something we've all pretty much seen around blog land.  I spotted her one day in my sister's garage, her hubby had brought it home from work and he obliged to hand it over when I asked to have it.  A little sanding and stain later, she's a quaint little table wrapped in a fun geometric rug.

Now, I am realistic...this patio isn't just for myself, it also belongs to 2 little rascals who insist on following me everywhere.  So they needed a little space as well.  I'm great at sharing like that.  
And P.S.-  I have no idea what is going on with my sad little plant there in the middle, I think she's been getting too much water or somethin'...who would've thought?  (Me over water something?? Impossible!)

Now to be fair and not just tell you that this makeover was uber cheap, I put together a list of resources and dollar bills for your judging pleasure.  

Patio Resources List:

  • Outdoor geometric rug; Lowe's - $12
  • Two outdoor chairs; Lowe's - $19.99/each
  • Spool table - FREE
  • Rug wrapped around table; Target - $12
  • Wood cream colored umbrella; Home Depot - $45 (on sale)
  • Black Lantern; Target - $24.99
  • Turquoise outdoor pillow; Home Depot - $9 (on sale)
  • Striped outdoor pillow; Target - $6.98 (on sale)
  • Two bronze modern planters; Lowe's - $12/each
  • Two garden shrubs; Home Depot - $24
  • Succulent plants & fake plants on table - already had on hand

Now I will say--even after adding the whole kit and caboodle together, I give myself props for spending as little as I did.  Given that most patio sets total my entire space.

Ya me!

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  1. Hi there! Found your blog through the Social Sunday link up at A Lived In Home :). Your patio turned out cute! And I am right there with you as far as watering issues are concerned, except I tend to forget to water ;). This has inspired me to give some much needed attention to my {very} neglected patio. Good to see it can be done on a budget! Have a great week!!