Monday, September 3, 2012

Wallpaper Artwork

Happy Labor day everyone!!  My Labor Day is pretty quiet...since the kids and I spent the weekend with my family.  We came back into town last night and I was exhausted, I knew today would be spent lounging around and watching movies.  And we've done just that.  Plus, it was nice to know I could catch up on a few little projects that needed finishing.

Last week, I was at one of my favorite stores, World Market.  And I came across these sheets of wrapping paper.  (Sorry for the blurry pic, this one I took with my phone)

They were the prettiest things!  And for $2.99...a steal.  I love pattern and color and had been looking for something to use above my bed in my bedroom.  This seemed like the cheapest thing--next to art.  I picked out a pink and gold number and then a more colorful print with pinks, greens and gold (I knew that was my favorite).

Going through my embarrassing collection of frames, hidden in my craft closet, I found 2 identical ones.  I think I may have used these for my kiddos photos at one time?  And cut and hung later...they look so chic and pretty against the mass of black and white.  I was in major need of color.

Among, cutting and framing my cheap-tastic art...I'm excited because classes started again today.  Yes, today.  Normally, my classes have a day or so break in between them, but I've had 2 weeks between my last class and the one starting today.  I know if I didn't absolutely love my career, this would sure put a damper on my Labor day.  But it hasn't.  I've had enough time off and I'm excited to get going again. 

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend, enjoy your day!


  1. quite a steal, i tell ya! i love world market so much and am sad that i dont have one in my area:/

  2. just stumbled upon your blog and I am obsessed with your head board! It is gorgeous!! where is it from?! Black and White are my FAVORITE colors and I am obsessed with stripes and nail heads, so this bed pretty much has my name written all over it! Love the new art work as well, it looks great!

    Love from NYC,

    Taylor Morgan Shop

    1. Thank you Taylor! I wanted to reply via email, but your email came up "non reply". I actually diy'd the headboard myself, I love stripes too! Thank you for your sweet comments :)


  3. This is quite a deal! The way you would use those prints, not the traditional way, in adding colors to your bedrooms is just sheer creativity.

    1. Thanks Jacob...any way to find out how to spend as little as possible, right!