Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Living in Black & Gold

Today might be the last day of October and everyone and their mother will be jumping right into Christmas...but I'm holding onto some pretty black and gold, that I think needs to stick around a little longer.  Wouldn't you say??  And what I love about all of these goodies is that everything (minus the amazing rug from Joss & Main) is under $30!!   

I'll take one of each, thank you.  

One.  Two.  Three. Four. Five. six. Seven. Eight. 

Have a goolish day ya'll!!


Monday, October 29, 2012

Inspiration: Sconces

Can you believe we're at the end of October already?  It's like, once October hits, the seasonal months go by in a flash and then it's the New Year.  Man!  I love the holiday's and I'm sad that they come and go so quickly...we really don't get to savor them.  Especially since the stores are throwing them at us all at once, basically it's like..."Hey, it's the middle of October...let's throw Christmas at 'em!"  Ya know, I'm just barely finishing my candy corn people.  Well that, and starting in on my kids Trunk-or-Treat candy.  

And speaking of many of us have ever considered the little fact that sconces are pretty much the  kits caboodle??  They make everything more lovely and basically have no "proper place", well that's a terrible way of describing them I guess.  What I mean is that they look awesome everywhere.   Kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, hallway, library, name it.  They belong there.  

This first image makes my heart go pitter-patter.



These sconces, might just be my favorite.  I love how quirky they are, don't you?

Elle Decor

Image Unknown

The Aestate- Tumblr


Industrial sconces = Awesome.


JH Interior Design

Another favorite.



Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Weekend

This morning I spent some time on the kids room.  It hasn't had much attention lately.  Really, it's been bad...the drapes I hung a few months ago, started sagging, due mainly to the terrible rod (I guess it you can call it that).  I bought the Ikea curtain wire and thought it would be fun to use.  Maybe others have had better success with it, but it was just sloppy and no matter how hard I tried to keep it tight, it failed.  So inevitably, the curtains didn't help it any.  So after months of them drooping (yeah, they hung for a while like that), I finally took them down.

But what did get some attention was this wall above the toy storage.  I added the kids' initials and a new alphabet print.  It was really hard deciding what print to buy, there are so many adorable prints on Etsy.  I went with a neutral print.  Elizabeth loves her new letters all over the wall and since she's learned her ABC's, she is all about reciting them and pointing them out.  It's fun getting to the next stages.

Next on the To Do List, is storage for the toys.  See how the bins have been child-worn--you know, where basically what you have has been used and abused by anyone under the age of 12.  We may need to bring in something a bit sturdier.

Tonight, the kids and I are headed over to our annual church Halloween party.  The kids are excited to dress up and I'm just happy I don't have to cook. Haha!  

So did any of you dress up this year?

I'm bummed I didn't have the funds to this year...I guess I could go as static cling? 

Or something random.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Favorites: Gilded Chairs

If my obsession with gold wasn't enough...these gilded chairs have me anxious to make one a permanent home with me.  I especially love when they're a little bit tarnished, definitely adds some personality there.  And amazingly enough, the images I pulled all have neutral fabric...I'm sure I saw some gilded chairs with pattern somewhere???  

This weekend is dedicated to some early Halloween festivities for the kids.  A church party and candy apple's sure to be a good one.  

Have any fun pre-Halloween plans? 

I hope you all have a good one!!  

Eclectic Revisited



Sunday, October 21, 2012

Nate Berkus: Target & The Things That Matter

Nate Berkus is having a pretty sensational week.  His latest book, The Things That Matter, hit book shelves this week, and today, he launches his exclusive collection at Target.  I'd say he's having a pretty good one, don't ya think?  Yesterday, I was dying to pick up his new book and went over to snag one.  It's a beautiful read so far, and I can't wait to spend the rest of today devouring it.  

And on the flip side, shopping.  I've been window shopping Target at his newest collection.  It's gorgeous!  I'm sure you'll all agree.  The pieces he's chosen are timeless and play a little more on the masculine side.  They are awesome, for sure.

Some of my favorites so far....

That amazing tortoise shell.

And this very cool snakeskin pillow.

There are plenty of other amazing finds in his collection...let's just hope I can still get my hands on some tomorrow!  

Friday, October 19, 2012

Favorites: Bookcases

This week I've been overhauling my living room.  Switching around furniture, painting and updating a few pieces.  For bookcase.  I haven't had a backing for it since I refinished it.  Today, I'm on a mission to finish her.  And maybe rearrange it as well. 

So as seems, I'm a bit obsessed with bookcases right now.  How they look, what stories they tell and the different ways to style them.  Jenna, over at SAS Interiors, shows us how to achieve bookcase success...and I just love all of her examples and the wonderful women she gets her inspiration from.  It's a great read and a must if you are looking at re-hashing your bookshelves.  




Amber Interior Design


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Painting & A New Edition

I was so excited to finally paint my apartment this past weekend.  The walls were screaming at me to do something, they couldn't be wiped down and cleaned or even look presentable in their condition.  So after much consideration and stalking of Pinterest for inspiration, I decided, in the Home Depot paint aisle on Behr's-Silver Drop.  It's a subtle and muted grey, you barely notice it's grey.  I was worried that some of the greys may appear too dark in my place, even with all the windows I have, I wanted to keep it light and bright.  Another factor I was considering, was my herringbone wall, that I painted last year.  Should I keep it?  Or nix it and start fresh??   I have gotten so many compliments on it and I really like how it added something more to my seemingly un-special, no frills-of-a-box apartment.  But as time has passed, I'm a bit passed on it as well.  Don't get me wrong, I love it and I am really glad that I went for it.  But on with the new!!

I also felt the need to rearrange my living room a bit, in order to bring about a bit of balance.  The bookcase that originally was near my couch, has been moved to this wall (see photo below), which is adjacent to my stairs and TV console.  This photo below is my before.  Before painting...but after I moved the bookcase.  

And the after photo.  After I painted, and after I finished the most lovely edition to my living room.  Isn't she to die for?!!  I chose a simple grey fabric and a beautiful ikat print I found at Joann's.  When I originally picked up this chair, the upholstery on her wasn't bad, meaning it wasn't disgustingly gross or torn.  It just wasn't up to par, per say.   

She looks even more lovely finished off with some brass nail head trim.

And the before...which, I guess I should have posted first.  Ah well, isn't she gorgeous?  Simply one of my favorite makeovers.  She's oh-so pretty next to my bookcase and fits perfectly without taking up any of the walkway to the kitchen.  

And later, I'll be posting what I did with my bookcase.

I'm just gaga over it.  

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Inspiration to wrap: Brown paper packages

Lately, I've been getting ahead of myself in thinking about holiday gifts and the ultimate "art" of gift wrapping.  Seems like the "in thing" for a while now is actually wrapping your gifts...and for so long, everyone put everything in a bag.  Bleh.  I was spoiled growing up, my mama would wrap every. single. present.  And not just wrap it, but use different bows, ribbons and such for each one.  She really set the bar.  Although, I'm terrible.  I went the other way and like me some bags.  

But, these eco-friendly, brown bagn' something I can get used to.  

1.  Peppermint Plum and their, oh-so easy, Sewn paper pouches.

2.  Nashville Wraps Community shows us how-to fake a Chalkboard wrapping.

3.  Simple butcher wrapping  paper is super efficient and green.

4.  Using an atlas to wrap up your loves gift (source not known-found via Pinterest).

5.  The Haystack Needle shows us how-to, brown bagging it with some stamps.

6.  Happy Serendipity shows us how to use Trader Joe's bags as gift wrap. *I think my favorite*

Friday, October 12, 2012

Favorites: Gold Walls

My Friday stated off with a bang, first, a couple client projects, one of which, (see here), that has been stagnant for a while.  We started work on the trim and bringing some life to her drabby fireplace.  So, finally (weeks later) I finished and started measuring out the windows for some window treatments, that should be going up later this week.  After my morning meet up,  I headed over to the paint store and picked out a color for my apartment, shopped at the cutest consignment store in downtown (which has the most adorable stuff, btw) and finally, picked up my little lovely from preschool.  Her I had some quality time together tonight, since her brother was with her Dad today.

After picking up the fabric, for said window treatments, my little girl and I headed out for a quick bite, then off to see Frankenweenie.  Super cute, btw...and surprised that the entire movie was in black & white.  But when it's Tim Burton, I guess we shouldn't be, right?  After seeing only black and white tonight, it got me thinking of the color I've been eyeing for some time now.  GOLD.  Ohhh, gold.  It's heavenly, don't you think.  There is major, major demand going around for's everywhere.  

I swear, I almost bought me some metallic gold paint while at the paint store...

Emily Henderson


Royal Design Studio

Urban Outfitters




Have a good one!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Inspiration: Suzani

We've seen it everywhere...Suzani textile.  Coming in colorful designs and patterns, Suzani, comes from Central Asia and is usually quite large in pattern and scale.  Originally, these distinct textiles were worn to important events, decorated a bridal chamber or were often exchanges like currency.  The fabric and jacquard adaptions are so versatile.  And there are so many many fun and creative ways to use these fabrics.  


On furniture, it can be a great accent to a room.

Elle Decor


 Or pillows-- always the easiest route.  
If you're not the daring type to reupholster a chair or sofa, use them in small doses on your couch.

Elle Decor

Layering the fabric over others is another great way to bring some dynamic to a room.  This one is layered over top of a solid bedspread,  I think it gives the room a jolt of color and pattern.

House Beautiful

Or layer it on the floor.  I love the way Amber used this one on top of a jute rug.  It gives it a great contrast to the texture in the jute.

Amber Interior Design

You could use them as pieces of art, shown here.  If your renting, this is a perfect solution to paint.  Frame your fabric, or if you like, use it as a room divider or instead of closet doors.

Elle Decor

Elle Decor


There are so many variations and patterns to this textile, that there seems to be something for everyone.  I'm smitten with that little ottoman above.  I'm a sucker for tufts and nail head trim.  

Now, I need to be really inspired and get to work.  The last few weeks I've been painting furniture for the next few weeks I'll be tackling a few wing back chairs.  

Wish me luck!