Friday, October 12, 2012

Favorites: Gold Walls

My Friday stated off with a bang, first, a couple client projects, one of which, (see here), that has been stagnant for a while.  We started work on the trim and bringing some life to her drabby fireplace.  So, finally (weeks later) I finished and started measuring out the windows for some window treatments, that should be going up later this week.  After my morning meet up,  I headed over to the paint store and picked out a color for my apartment, shopped at the cutest consignment store in downtown (which has the most adorable stuff, btw) and finally, picked up my little lovely from preschool.  Her I had some quality time together tonight, since her brother was with her Dad today.

After picking up the fabric, for said window treatments, my little girl and I headed out for a quick bite, then off to see Frankenweenie.  Super cute, btw...and surprised that the entire movie was in black & white.  But when it's Tim Burton, I guess we shouldn't be, right?  After seeing only black and white tonight, it got me thinking of the color I've been eyeing for some time now.  GOLD.  Ohhh, gold.  It's heavenly, don't you think.  There is major, major demand going around for's everywhere.  

I swear, I almost bought me some metallic gold paint while at the paint store...

Emily Henderson


Royal Design Studio

Urban Outfitters




Have a good one!


  1. so unexpected for the wall... and super gorgeous!

  2. This images are gorgeous. Ok new plan. gold on my master bedroom walls. :)