Monday, October 29, 2012

Inspiration: Sconces

Can you believe we're at the end of October already?  It's like, once October hits, the seasonal months go by in a flash and then it's the New Year.  Man!  I love the holiday's and I'm sad that they come and go so quickly...we really don't get to savor them.  Especially since the stores are throwing them at us all at once, basically it's like..."Hey, it's the middle of October...let's throw Christmas at 'em!"  Ya know, I'm just barely finishing my candy corn people.  Well that, and starting in on my kids Trunk-or-Treat candy.  

And speaking of many of us have ever considered the little fact that sconces are pretty much the  kits caboodle??  They make everything more lovely and basically have no "proper place", well that's a terrible way of describing them I guess.  What I mean is that they look awesome everywhere.   Kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, hallway, library, name it.  They belong there.  

This first image makes my heart go pitter-patter.



These sconces, might just be my favorite.  I love how quirky they are, don't you?

Elle Decor

Image Unknown

The Aestate- Tumblr


Industrial sconces = Awesome.


JH Interior Design

Another favorite.



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  1. Sconces are so pretty! I love all these pictures, especially why bathrooms. And I'm totally with you on the holiday thing. I swear stores totally skipped over Halloween this year.