Monday, October 15, 2012

Inspiration to wrap: Brown paper packages

Lately, I've been getting ahead of myself in thinking about holiday gifts and the ultimate "art" of gift wrapping.  Seems like the "in thing" for a while now is actually wrapping your gifts...and for so long, everyone put everything in a bag.  Bleh.  I was spoiled growing up, my mama would wrap every. single. present.  And not just wrap it, but use different bows, ribbons and such for each one.  She really set the bar.  Although, I'm terrible.  I went the other way and like me some bags.  

But, these eco-friendly, brown bagn' something I can get used to.  

1.  Peppermint Plum and their, oh-so easy, Sewn paper pouches.

2.  Nashville Wraps Community shows us how-to fake a Chalkboard wrapping.

3.  Simple butcher wrapping  paper is super efficient and green.

4.  Using an atlas to wrap up your loves gift (source not known-found via Pinterest).

5.  The Haystack Needle shows us how-to, brown bagging it with some stamps.

6.  Happy Serendipity shows us how to use Trader Joe's bags as gift wrap. *I think my favorite*

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