Sunday, October 21, 2012

Nate Berkus: Target & The Things That Matter

Nate Berkus is having a pretty sensational week.  His latest book, The Things That Matter, hit book shelves this week, and today, he launches his exclusive collection at Target.  I'd say he's having a pretty good one, don't ya think?  Yesterday, I was dying to pick up his new book and went over to snag one.  It's a beautiful read so far, and I can't wait to spend the rest of today devouring it.  

And on the flip side, shopping.  I've been window shopping Target at his newest collection.  It's gorgeous!  I'm sure you'll all agree.  The pieces he's chosen are timeless and play a little more on the masculine side.  They are awesome, for sure.

Some of my favorites so far....

That amazing tortoise shell.

And this very cool snakeskin pillow.

There are plenty of other amazing finds in his collection...let's just hope I can still get my hands on some tomorrow!  

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  1. That foil pillow would look awesome with my new bed linens. I'm gonna make my way to target tomorrow. Thanks for the share!

    Method Clothe