Thursday, October 18, 2012

Painting & A New Edition

I was so excited to finally paint my apartment this past weekend.  The walls were screaming at me to do something, they couldn't be wiped down and cleaned or even look presentable in their condition.  So after much consideration and stalking of Pinterest for inspiration, I decided, in the Home Depot paint aisle on Behr's-Silver Drop.  It's a subtle and muted grey, you barely notice it's grey.  I was worried that some of the greys may appear too dark in my place, even with all the windows I have, I wanted to keep it light and bright.  Another factor I was considering, was my herringbone wall, that I painted last year.  Should I keep it?  Or nix it and start fresh??   I have gotten so many compliments on it and I really like how it added something more to my seemingly un-special, no frills-of-a-box apartment.  But as time has passed, I'm a bit passed on it as well.  Don't get me wrong, I love it and I am really glad that I went for it.  But on with the new!!

I also felt the need to rearrange my living room a bit, in order to bring about a bit of balance.  The bookcase that originally was near my couch, has been moved to this wall (see photo below), which is adjacent to my stairs and TV console.  This photo below is my before.  Before painting...but after I moved the bookcase.  

And the after photo.  After I painted, and after I finished the most lovely edition to my living room.  Isn't she to die for?!!  I chose a simple grey fabric and a beautiful ikat print I found at Joann's.  When I originally picked up this chair, the upholstery on her wasn't bad, meaning it wasn't disgustingly gross or torn.  It just wasn't up to par, per say.   

She looks even more lovely finished off with some brass nail head trim.

And the before...which, I guess I should have posted first.  Ah well, isn't she gorgeous?  Simply one of my favorite makeovers.  She's oh-so pretty next to my bookcase and fits perfectly without taking up any of the walkway to the kitchen.  

And later, I'll be posting what I did with my bookcase.

I'm just gaga over it.  

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  1. I have that same chair! Mine came covered in blue velvet, which isn't horrible, but I still am wanting to update it with a more modern fabric. I love how yours turned out and that wall is sweet!


  2. Oooh...I love it!! I did a chair very similar to yours awhile back and now I'm itching to redo it after seeing the ikat mixed with the gray. It's just beautiful!