Friday, November 16, 2012

Cozy Love

As we're nearing Thanksgiving...the temp around here is so chill.  I love it!  I wish it were colder than it is (a very sad 70 degrees, around these parts).  Yes, I know...what am I complaining about?...nothing.  But this weather in the middle of November is killn' me.  

And while I was at Target today, I took a few laps around their home decor section (okay, maybe a twenty), and was getting all cozy with all the fun, warm, Christmas-y decor they had out.  I think I need me a sweater pillow? Hmm?  I mean, really...cuz I don't have enough pillows as it is.  Pshh.  So here's to all things cozy and sweating out the 60 degree for an hour in the morning.

1.Pom-pom Throw/ 2.Sweater Pillow/ 3.Cozy Mug/ 4.Plaid scarf/ 5.Shawl/ 6.Candles/ 7.Branch candle holder/ 8.Cardboard Trees/ 9.Knit leg warmers

Happy Friday, friends!!

1 comment:

  1. Love this! That sweater pillow is so cute, and I love the leg Warmers.