Saturday, December 28, 2013

Happy Weekend & Christmas Recap

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Gold Vase (Similar)  |  Linen Napkins
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!  Our festivities began with Christmas baking two days before the big day and then having Christmas Eve dinner here at home.  In the past we've always had plans for Christmas eve with extended family, but this year we didn't.  We spent the day at home with our little family and I absolutely loved it!  We baked all day long, watched every Christmas movie we had, and enjoyed the time together in our little home.  It was perfect!  And since it was our first Christmas Eve dinner here at home, I did my best at setting the table for dinner.  I don't own any fancy china yet, so I mixed some fun patterns in with linens and my Tracey Reese plates I got from Target last year, and then used what I had around the house for a table runner (ie: a scarf) and centerpiece. 
Christmas morning was spent here at home, listening to Frank Sinatra while the kids dived into their gifts and then some yummy home-made cinnamon rolls.  The day was long, but magical all at the  same time.  So as Christmas quickly came and went, so did all the trimmings and clutter.  I was happy to put it all away yesterday, even though I feel like I had just put the tree up last week.  I'm not sure if it's the mess from Christmas wrapping paper and boxes from opened toys, but I needed to clean it all up and organize everything back to reality so I could breathe again.  It always feels like a breath of fresh air when it's all put away, anyone else feel this way? 
And now that the frenzy of Christmas is behind us, I'm thinking about the New Year and some resolutions I  want to take on.  I've never been one to commit to a Resolution--but it feels good to have a goal for the year and make plans to work on them.  I guess I better get to thinking, I only have a few days left. 
Are you ready?
xo- Sara

Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas around the House 2013

This year I really took to the whole "less is more" mantra.  I was really excited to decorate for Christmas and then realized that as I was rummaging through the Christmas boxes in the garage, I realized I only had about a handful of decorations.  It seems that I had been weeding most of my stuff out over the last few years.  Part of me was just over all the "stuff" I seemed to have, and this goes for just about all of my decor, not just the Christmas stuff.   

In the living room I switched up my pillows, using a mix of Ikea striped pillows, and sewing myself a new one using this fabric.  The white sweater pom-pom pillow I bought last year from Target and the leopard one I made a few years back. The coffee table decor I kept simple by adding a few bright bulbs, easy-peasy, right?

My mosaic tree and ornament disco ball are back on top of the bookcase, where my favorite Christmas decoration, the Nativity sits.  I like it this year especially because I think the black really makes for a dramatic backdrop.  

Balls in a bowl.  Yep.  Call it a day.

Past Christmas photos and Santa photos are out for the kids to see, Lizzie especially loves seeing herself and her brother with Santa.  I'm really excited to see our collection grow through the years.

And this year I succomed to the little tinsel Christmas tree for the kids.  I knew it was going to happen sooner or later, so I caved.  It's pretty adorable and I guess I should count myself lucky that Lizzie hasn't asked to put presents under it yet.

Thanks for stopping by,

Merry Christmas friends!!


Thursday, November 14, 2013

One Table, Two Looks.

The last few weeks I've been dealing with a lot of issues with my blog domain and had to import my entire blog to a new "blogger" address.  All this means is that I'm kind of starting from scratch.  I lost all of my followers and any images or links that were connected to my original blog won't work.  But I'm kinda okay with that.  It gives me a chance to fully start where I intentionally want to go with this blog and how I want to represent it.  Design, art, furniture, interiors.  The beautiful make up of a home and the elements within it.  And to start things off, I'll show you a little DIY that I worked on this past week.

Back in January I purchased this coffee table from Ikea.  I had debated about how I was going to hack this little table, you can read the post HERE.  I decided to go with the casual look and build a wood top similar to West Elm's box frame table.  You can see how I built the top and how the coffee table came out HERE.

But as much as I have loved having this table with the wood top, I was itching for a change.  We all knew it wasn't going to last long.  And this simple hack was just as easy as the first.  I used Rub-N-Buff Antique Gold on the metal frame and painted the bottom shelf in semi-gloss white.  I did, however, spray paint the frame first with Rustoleum's Gold metallic spray paint.  And I didn't really like the finish.  It was a little flat for me and I like how using the rub-n-buff gave it some dimension.  

You can see here how the Rub-n-Buff gives it added dimension (or the rubbing imperfections on my part), whatever way you cut it--I actually love how it turned out.  

And as I finished the table and put her into place in the living room, I wasn't digging on my jute rug with the table.  I'm not sure if it was just a little too colorless for  my taste or the room or whatever, but it had to go (in the closet that is, for another day).  For now, I don't have a rug in here, or until I can find one I really love with the table and couch.  I'm really liking the way things are looking in here. The table seems to pop against the dark couch, and makes me excited to decorate it for Christmas.  Oh, Christmas.  We won't even go there yet.    

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Halloween with The Caravan Shoppe

I'm such a sucker for anything chalkboard.  So when I ran across these fun Giant Halloween Art prints, from The Caravan Shoppe, I couldn't resist.  They are $5, and they are instantly downloaded to your email after you make your purchase.  You can get them blown up at any Staples or Office Max (for an additional charge) or use them for any other use you might see fit.  I think they would make for a great party invite or something.  And in case you have no idea about digital anything, along with your free downloads they give you a simple how-to on getting them printed. 

Some of my other favorites that I just might have to have are the, All I Want is Everything Pack.  It comes with 8 wall art posters, placemats, gifts tags, stickers, cards, candle wraps, and more. I think some of the art posters would be awesome framed. 

And I think my kiddos would get a kick out of these fun and silly blocks, Olliblocks: Monsters and Superheros.  I couldn't imagine a better gift for a little one than these.  

We are resting up this weekend, trying to get over a yucky cold that's hit us all.  And let me tell you, I haven't loved my bed more than this past week.  Hopefully as the months go on and the holiday's come upon us we won't be seeing the sick bug.  It's amazing how if it hits one, the whole bunch goes down too.

Hope you're enjoying your weekend friends!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Brass & Black

I've been itching to change out the backing in my bookcase for a long time now.  Seeing so many images on Pinterest doesn't help, there are so many options, and I am a fan of a lot of them.  But I kept getting stuck on how a completely white backing would just not keep me happy or anything with a print either.  So I went with what I love, black.  You can never go wrong with black, right?  

Now, my bookcase was a CL find, and so it didn't come with any backing.  It was empty for a while and then I went with a black & white striped fabric I had on hand.  So in order to do anything, I'd have to buy some thin plywood and then paint it.  But I just couldn't wait for paint to dry--so I came up with another solution. Instead, I bought black foam core boards from Target.  You can find them where the display boards and poster boards are, they ended up being less than $3/ per sheet and I used 3 for my bookcase.  I used the foam core boards specifically because they are much heavier than regular ol' poster board and won't tear so easily.  I came home, nailed them into place...and finito!  They look especially fabulous with some Halloween decor, yeah?

There are still some visible lines of where my boards meet together, but you hardly notice and I strategically covered them by moving some items around.  I also added in a new little friend I picked up the other day.  This brass stool was just one of the amazing things I found while I was out doing some schoolwork.  Gotta keep your eyes open for things like this, I almost walked away from it, but realized I'd kick myself later.  At only $45, the price was phenomenal.  I had to have her!

I'm hoping the black is something I don't regret, since I do have so many of those.  I guess we'll see how the upcoming holiday's fare with the darkness.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Quick and Simple Chalkboard Pumpkins

If you're looking for a fun and quirky way to display your pumpkins this year, I would have to say going with chalk, will do just the trick.  I had three small faux pumpkins that I purchased years ago and these babies were begging me to make them over.  What you'll need is any faux pumpkin you don't mind painting, chalkboard paint (this can be purchased at any craft store or online, I bought mine here), a bristle or foam brush, and if you like the gold tops on mine, you'll also need some Rub N Buff.  

Step 1:   Paint your pumpkins.  With the chalkboard paint, you'll need to paint one coat and then wait an hour and then paint your second coat.

After the second coat, you'll have to find your patience card and wait another 24 hours to allow the paint to cure.  I know--it's a killer.

I also decided to paint one of my pumpkins white to mix things up, and so I used Annie Sloan's Pure White.  It doesn't require any priming and it dries in a matte finish.  It provided that bit of contrast to the black shiny chalk board paint.

Step 2:  Next, I used some of the amazing Rub N Buff in Antique gold to fancy up the top of the pumpkins.  As you can tell they're a little drab without it.  *And on a side note, just know that this stuff is a little stinky.  To apply the Rub N Buff, I used a few cotton swabs.  This way you can get into all the little crevices.

See what a difference a little gold does!

Step 3:  After the 24 hours is up, you're ready to chalk it up!  But make sure to prep your chalkboard first, you do this by running the side of the chalk all over the surface.  Then erase the prep chalk and you're ready to start writing. 

I went with a simple '31' to commemorate the big day coming up.  But you can get as creative as you want.  Polka dots, stripes, stars, spooky letters...I'm sure I'll be changing mine up a few times this month.  

No mess, no fuss Halloween decor.  Hope you're having a great week, school has been bombarding me almost every day and so it's hard to get some blogging time.  But if you'd like to stay caught up on the rest, follow me on Instagram.

Happy hump day friends!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Fall at Home

Call me crazy, but I was dreading pulling out all the Halloween decor this year.  I don't know what's with me?  In past years I couldn't wait to get everything out and up on the walls.  And my kids are still little!! You'd think I'd be up for the silly, bright and festive stuff, but I'm not.  I've finally come to love my home and the way I decorate it, and I didn't really feel like moving everything out and bringing in a bunch of "stuff"...I'm being nice because what I really wanted to say was bring out all the crap.  What I saw happening, without fail, is that whenever the holiday's came around, and even though I had the decor for it, I always had this overwhelming need to purchase more stuff.  I would say that kinda borders on 'compulsive shopper'... yes?  It was getting out of hand and my shop hoarding basically blew.  I finally came to a place where I only wanted to buy what I absolutely loved.  I'm sure the hubby will be very happy to hear that.

So this year for my fall decorating, I used some of the simpler fall decor I had and incorporated my own things into the mix.  The wheat stock candle sticks were one of my newest purchases from Home Goods.  And on my coffee table, I incorporated my metallic pumpkin with one of my favorite frames and a classic glass lantern.

You can tell I do love me some pumpkins, because they can be left out until Thanksgiving.  It makes it easier to decorate and less stuff to haul away and store.  The glass tortoise pumpkin  below is from Pier 1, and sits high in the bookcase, away from the curious little hands.  Since I do have little ones, and always get asked how I decorate with kids around, especially when they have a need to touch everything, I've become quite strategic.  Breakables get put up on shelves and places where little ones can not reach.   And most of what I use on my coffee table, entry table and elsewhere are items that can either take a beating or I have no fear of anyone getting hurt from them.  

I'm happy that the house will in some ways be free from extra clutter.  And that we can still enjoy some festive decor for the next few months.

Are you decorated for the season yet?

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bust in the Bedroom

If you're interested or even slightly obsessed with home decor, you probably need no introduction to Home Goods and their awesome-ness.  What I love about them is how unique and different their items can be.  A few weeks ago I helped a friend purchase some accessories for her front room and she went home with a one-of-a-kind clock for her mantle.  She was unsure because the price, but I assured her it would be money well spent.  Something as simple and unique as an item in your home can spark conversations and interest within a room.   One I know you'll probably never regret.

And earlier this week, I took a little trip with my friend Angela of Method Clothe, to shop for items for her home. While browsing, I spotted this awesome bust hidden behind a slew of other items.  I just knew I had to have her.

She's the perfect bit of elegance and girly factor I needed.  Since switching out my original lamp for these simple brass lamps in our bedroom, I felt that my nightstand needed a feminine touch.  I'm sure she'll be making her way through the house when I feel the need to move things around.  But she looks right at home by my bedside.

What do you think of busts?

To bust? Or not to bust?

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I love a monochromatic look in interiors.  It can be soothing and calming, yet at times can appear to be a bit cold and unwelcoming for some.  I love that when you add texture to a less-than-colorless room, it softens the ambiance and allows your eye to really, feel the room.  

The images below show us just that--just try to imagine the rooms without their soft counter parts and I think you'll agree, they give it that extra something...and a good reason to lay down and take a nap.    




Image Unkown

I purchased my faux-fur blanket a couple years ago at Target (clearance baby!!).  It's the softest and most perfect fit for the end of our bed and adds a touch of glam and texture we desperately needed.  

I've been eyeing this pink fur pillow for a bit and think it might be the perfect addition to our bedroom.


And right now, One King's Lane is offering an entire collection of faux-fur pillows and blankets that I think you need to look at.