Saturday, January 26, 2013

DIY: Box Frame Coffee Table

My little Ikea coffee table was in need of an upgrade and she got it!!  I have been in love with West Elm's box frame coffee table for a very, very long time.  But as a single mama on a budget, I was in need of a more realistic alternative.  Enter, Vittsjo Nesting tables from Ikea!!  Once I saw it...I knew she'd do the trick.  And for less than $80 bucks...I don't mind if I do!


-    Vittsjo Nesting Coffee table (here)
-     wood board (of your choice) cut @ 17 3/4 x 35 1/4  
-    3- 1x2's @ 16 1/4    
-      6- 1 1/4 wood screws
-    Minwax Dark Walnut Stain
-    staining pad, clean cloths
-    white paint
-    ruler, pencil, paint brush, drill

**To make this project even quicker, when you purchase your wood, your 
home improvement store can make these cuts for you...just don't forget to measure twice!!

I started this project by painting my table top.  Really, you can apply any type of finish you'd like for this project, since there are so many options available.  For my table I used a combination of whitewash and stain, to achieve something similar to weathered barn wood.  So first, I used a 120 grit to sand down and prepare my top for the stain.  Then I wiped it clean to remove any dust particles.

For the next step, I am sorry that I do not have any available pictures.  But it should be simple enough without any.  After you have stained your table top, you will need a small bowl of water and some white paint.  It doesn't really matter the finish; matte, glossy, or satin (I used a sample paint I had on hand).  Next, you need to dip your brush in the water, then into your white paint and then back again into the water.  Apply this to your table top, working in sections.

After you've applied it, take a clean rag or cloth and wipe away the excess.  Wait a few minutes between each coat and reapply until you receive the look you want.  For my table, I only did two coats of the white wash.  I allowed this to set for 12 hours and then applied two coats of wax finish. 

Next, I cut out three 1x2's.....
*again, you can always have your home improvement store do this for you.

When your metal frame is all put together, you will notice there are 8 metal tabs (they are to hold the glass insert that comes with the Vittsjo table).  There are a total of 8, but we will only need to be concerned with the 6, that line the two longest edges of the table.  

To keep the table from slipping, we will need to make sure that the 1x2's fit snug against these.  For the 4 corner tabs, your 1x2's will sit on the inside part of the table (see diagram).  For the two remaining middle tabs, your 1x2 can sit on either side.  In the next step when you mark your guidelines, be sure to mark from your metal tab.  This will ensure a proper and snug fit.  

**And again, always measure twice!!

**Make adjustments as necessary.
These measurements are exact for the 
Vittsjo Nesting Coffee table, available 
from Ikea.  I would still highly recommend 
measuring your table for correct accuracy.

And enjoy!!  

My main concern for the table was to keep it versatile for any future changes that may occur.  You see...I have a hard time with keeping things the same for very long, so keeping the table top removable, just in case I get the itch to go back to the glass table....or whatever!  It's versatile to my needs.

Next week, I'll show you what I did with the other half of this nesting duo...I love when I get two projects out of one!

Have a good weekend!!!


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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Classy or Casual?

Life has been crazy, crazy busy!  I thought that when the kids went back to school, I'd have more time...although, I'm not sure that I had any extra time to begin with??  Who am I kidding, life is crazy busy, even when school takes a cut of their time.  I'm just the poor woman shuffling them back and forth and feeding them round the clock (at least it feels that way).  But overall, I feel as though the start of this year has been amazingly successful!  I've started taking better care of myself (flossing n' all), better sleep habits, a little more organized and potty training round the clock for my little guy, who is doing phenomenal, I couldn't be more proud!

But back to the jist of today's post, I finally picked up a coffee table.  Last year, I went back and forth about whether or not I should have a coffee table or ottoman.  I finally decided that the coffee table would be a better fit for my space and style.  Plus, the price was stellar! 

This coffee table is from Ikea, the Vittsjo Nesting table.  The scale of this table and its thin legs, make it work for any apartment or small space.  At first I was worried about the kids and it being glass.  But surprisingly, they don't bother with it, or even play on it much, so I am totally thankful.  But even before I bought the table, I knew the color was going to bother me.  It blended right in with my couch.  Bleh!  And the glass doesn't help, now it's invisible!  It really needed something.  Anything other than what was going on! 

So after searching for inspiration, I came up with two alternatives that I adore and love...they are, 

A.    Glass top and gold leaf the legs (uber, uber chic!!)



B.   Replace the glass top and add some contrast with a wood top (beachy modern)

Knight Moves

And has been really hard to decide!!  Both looks are gorgeous and represent a part of me and the things that I love.  So I had to make my decision based on lifestyle.  And what I can live with.  Basically, I made my decision based on this....

Do you see??!  Yeah. 
 Dust.  Fingerprints.  

And this happens almost every. single. day.  
Not so cool, I say.  It's not like I have a Swiffer duster attached to my hip.
But I can not deal with cleaning that...basically I want to know that if I skip a day or two (or weeks) of dusting, I won't go nuts.

Beachy wood, it is!  That beautiful gold and glass will just have to wait.   But given that the living room is pretty casual, it only seemed fitting that the coffee table follow suit.  I'm in the process right now of putting the finishing touches on the wood top.  And figuring out a way to make the table interchangable.  I know what your thinking..interchangeable?  What?

I can't wait to show you..stay tuned!


Monday, January 7, 2013

Inspiration board

As a 17 year old, my room was plastered with magazine cut outs of magazine ads and inspiring photos.  Probably not far off from a lot of teenagers.  I was obsessed with the images, the color, the energy.  As a young girl, I started with a bulletin board, but as I grew into my teens the images flooded beyond the board and onto my walls.  It was pretty much the saddest day when I moved out and the images had to come down.  I wish I had a photo of them, so I could post for you to see.  I know there somewhere in an old box?? 

And now as a woman, I'm reminded of why I did this so long ago.  Being a creative person, I am enamored with beautiful images, inspiring colors, interiors and fashion.  I know as times have changed, the internet and Pinterest have in some ways taken the place of magazines.  It's easy to find a source online and pin it to your virtual board. 

But, I sooo long to start another inspiration wall...yes wall.  Not board.  Although, maybe I am getting a little ahead of myself.  I think either is a good place to start.



This is Glamorous



Are you inspired by images???  

Are you more apt to keep your images stored in a computer or out on display??

Have a lovely Monday!!


Saturday, January 5, 2013

Bedroom Updates

I celebrated my 31st birthday this past Wednesday, doing nothing particularly special for the day, with the exception of a luncheon date with my mama and sisters.  But, given that these women rarely get time away from their families, I guess it was a special day for us all.   

And in lieu of my big day...I finally caved and bought myself a star burst mirror.  I know, I know--I'm totally late on the trend train...but at $35 bucks, I couldn't resist.  Plus, she totally makes me excited to come into my room.  

But at second glance...I think she needs some color.  Originally, I had these pictures hanging above the bed.  And now without the them..I'm thinking I need to reconsider my pillow situation.  Add some color in there?  It's just lookin' all sorts of sad.

I have had my eye on this pillow from Whitlock & Co. for some time now.  It's been pinned for months now and probably safe to consider it a must in my home now.

It's just enough flowers without going granny on me.  Now I'm just trying to think of a what other color to pair it with. 

Green?  Pink?  Gold?


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Magnetic Photo Tabs

Happy New Year, dear friends!!  I'm always excited for a new year and all the possibilities and adventures life can bring.  I had a wonderful year in 2012 and think 2013 will be just as amazing.  To start the year off, I have a quickie little project for you.  

I'm a huge fan of photos and have received so many beautiful photos from family and friends for Christmas, that I think they deserve a longer reservation in my home.   And since I can't display them in lovely photos all the time, I think some sparkly tabs will do just the trick.  

This little project only requires 3 things:
1.  Magnetic tape strips
2.  Fun glittery photo corners (via: Martha Stewart)
3.  Scissors

-Cut to size
-Peel and stick

And, Enjoy!  I haven't done a craft in so long, I swear I almost forgot what it felt like to put this together!  And now, I can leave these photos up without the hassle of bulky magnets.  And it doesn't hurt that they look awesome because of a little glitter.

P.S.  I contemplated doing a resolution post today and then remembered, I can do as I please, yeah?!  I have resolutions, and do plan on writing them out.  I think it helps when you write them down and see them every day.  I'm your typical resolution breaker, I say them and forget them the next week, okay--day.  Maybe what it should require is something we want from the heart.  If there is heart and passion for it, it will be met.  I truly believe that.  

Happy first, friends!


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