Thursday, January 24, 2013

Classy or Casual?

Life has been crazy, crazy busy!  I thought that when the kids went back to school, I'd have more time...although, I'm not sure that I had any extra time to begin with??  Who am I kidding, life is crazy busy, even when school takes a cut of their time.  I'm just the poor woman shuffling them back and forth and feeding them round the clock (at least it feels that way).  But overall, I feel as though the start of this year has been amazingly successful!  I've started taking better care of myself (flossing n' all), better sleep habits, a little more organized and potty training round the clock for my little guy, who is doing phenomenal, I couldn't be more proud!

But back to the jist of today's post, I finally picked up a coffee table.  Last year, I went back and forth about whether or not I should have a coffee table or ottoman.  I finally decided that the coffee table would be a better fit for my space and style.  Plus, the price was stellar! 

This coffee table is from Ikea, the Vittsjo Nesting table.  The scale of this table and its thin legs, make it work for any apartment or small space.  At first I was worried about the kids and it being glass.  But surprisingly, they don't bother with it, or even play on it much, so I am totally thankful.  But even before I bought the table, I knew the color was going to bother me.  It blended right in with my couch.  Bleh!  And the glass doesn't help, now it's invisible!  It really needed something.  Anything other than what was going on! 

So after searching for inspiration, I came up with two alternatives that I adore and love...they are, 

A.    Glass top and gold leaf the legs (uber, uber chic!!)



B.   Replace the glass top and add some contrast with a wood top (beachy modern)

Knight Moves

And has been really hard to decide!!  Both looks are gorgeous and represent a part of me and the things that I love.  So I had to make my decision based on lifestyle.  And what I can live with.  Basically, I made my decision based on this....

Do you see??!  Yeah. 
 Dust.  Fingerprints.  

And this happens almost every. single. day.  
Not so cool, I say.  It's not like I have a Swiffer duster attached to my hip.
But I can not deal with cleaning that...basically I want to know that if I skip a day or two (or weeks) of dusting, I won't go nuts.

Beachy wood, it is!  That beautiful gold and glass will just have to wait.   But given that the living room is pretty casual, it only seemed fitting that the coffee table follow suit.  I'm in the process right now of putting the finishing touches on the wood top.  And figuring out a way to make the table interchangable.  I know what your thinking..interchangeable?  What?

I can't wait to show you..stay tuned!



  1. i like both looks but i think the gold suits you more. julia at cuckoo for design just did a bookcase with run n buff and it was similar metal with glass. here is the link:

  2. ha ha! i should have read it all first. :) i just got so excited. :) the wood will look awesome, too, and yes i know how you feel about the glass! we have a black painted coffee table with two glass insets. i will say though at least we don't get permanent ring marks! ;) i can wipe them off!