Saturday, January 26, 2013

DIY: Box Frame Coffee Table

My little Ikea coffee table was in need of an upgrade and she got it!!  I have been in love with West Elm's box frame coffee table for a very, very long time.  But as a single mama on a budget, I was in need of a more realistic alternative.  Enter, Vittsjo Nesting tables from Ikea!!  Once I saw it...I knew she'd do the trick.  And for less than $80 bucks...I don't mind if I do!


-    Vittsjo Nesting Coffee table (here)
-     wood board (of your choice) cut @ 17 3/4 x 35 1/4  
-    3- 1x2's @ 16 1/4    
-      6- 1 1/4 wood screws
-    Minwax Dark Walnut Stain
-    staining pad, clean cloths
-    white paint
-    ruler, pencil, paint brush, drill

**To make this project even quicker, when you purchase your wood, your 
home improvement store can make these cuts for you...just don't forget to measure twice!!

I started this project by painting my table top.  Really, you can apply any type of finish you'd like for this project, since there are so many options available.  For my table I used a combination of whitewash and stain, to achieve something similar to weathered barn wood.  So first, I used a 120 grit to sand down and prepare my top for the stain.  Then I wiped it clean to remove any dust particles.

For the next step, I am sorry that I do not have any available pictures.  But it should be simple enough without any.  After you have stained your table top, you will need a small bowl of water and some white paint.  It doesn't really matter the finish; matte, glossy, or satin (I used a sample paint I had on hand).  Next, you need to dip your brush in the water, then into your white paint and then back again into the water.  Apply this to your table top, working in sections.

After you've applied it, take a clean rag or cloth and wipe away the excess.  Wait a few minutes between each coat and reapply until you receive the look you want.  For my table, I only did two coats of the white wash.  I allowed this to set for 12 hours and then applied two coats of wax finish. 

Next, I cut out three 1x2's.....
*again, you can always have your home improvement store do this for you.

When your metal frame is all put together, you will notice there are 8 metal tabs (they are to hold the glass insert that comes with the Vittsjo table).  There are a total of 8, but we will only need to be concerned with the 6, that line the two longest edges of the table.  

To keep the table from slipping, we will need to make sure that the 1x2's fit snug against these.  For the 4 corner tabs, your 1x2's will sit on the inside part of the table (see diagram).  For the two remaining middle tabs, your 1x2 can sit on either side.  In the next step when you mark your guidelines, be sure to mark from your metal tab.  This will ensure a proper and snug fit.  

**And again, always measure twice!!

**Make adjustments as necessary.
These measurements are exact for the 
Vittsjo Nesting Coffee table, available 
from Ikea.  I would still highly recommend 
measuring your table for correct accuracy.

And enjoy!!  

My main concern for the table was to keep it versatile for any future changes that may occur.  You see...I have a hard time with keeping things the same for very long, so keeping the table top removable, just in case I get the itch to go back to the glass table....or whatever!  It's versatile to my needs.

Next week, I'll show you what I did with the other half of this nesting duo...I love when I get two projects out of one!

Have a good weekend!!!


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  1. I love it! It looks so high end! What a great idea, and a great price. Awesome job!

  2. What a great table! I would love for you to share this or any of your great ideas at the link party going on now (and every Saturday through Tuesday) at 'Or so she says ...' Also, don't miss the Sweethearts Giveaway starting on Monday with over $2,000 in prizes. Hope to see you there!

  3. awesome job! i love easy {and cheap} diy projects. where did you get that fabulous metal crate? i'm loving the industrial vibe

  4. thank you thank you thank you for writing this!!

    i bought the Vittsjo coffee table for the EXACT same idea, except I got lost in how I was going to execute the idea. thank you for providing measurements and a way to secure the wood to the frame!! you rock!!!

  5. Beautiful! What a great Ikea hack! I'm pinning it. Thanks for sharing with us.

  6. Replies
    1. I used laminate pine from Home Depot. And again, I would definitely recommend asking them to cut it for you if you don't have the tools at home to do it :)

  7. Thank you! Bought my tables yesterday and I'm so excited to do this project, I am in love with west elm too!

  8. This is great. I'm going to be doing my side tables / console and coffee table with this. I hope it turns out!

  9. I just got finished making this table thanks to your blog post! The directions were perfect and I just love it. THANK YOU!

  10. This post inspired me to go out and get my own IKEA nesting tables and try this out!

    Question for you: How thick is the wood board you used for the table top? Is it a specific type of wood?