Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Magnetic Photo Tabs

Happy New Year, dear friends!!  I'm always excited for a new year and all the possibilities and adventures life can bring.  I had a wonderful year in 2012 and think 2013 will be just as amazing.  To start the year off, I have a quickie little project for you.  

I'm a huge fan of photos and have received so many beautiful photos from family and friends for Christmas, that I think they deserve a longer reservation in my home.   And since I can't display them in lovely photos all the time, I think some sparkly tabs will do just the trick.  

This little project only requires 3 things:
1.  Magnetic tape strips
2.  Fun glittery photo corners (via: Martha Stewart)
3.  Scissors

-Cut to size
-Peel and stick

And, Enjoy!  I haven't done a craft in so long, I swear I almost forgot what it felt like to put this together!  And now, I can leave these photos up without the hassle of bulky magnets.  And it doesn't hurt that they look awesome because of a little glitter.

P.S.  I contemplated doing a resolution post today and then remembered, I can do as I please, yeah?!  I have resolutions, and do plan on writing them out.  I think it helps when you write them down and see them every day.  I'm your typical resolution breaker, I say them and forget them the next week, okay--day.  Maybe what it should require is something we want from the heart.  If there is heart and passion for it, it will be met.  I truly believe that.  

Happy first, friends!


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  1. the corners are such a great idea! but i loved your last paragraph and am TOTALLY with you!!!

  2. That is a brilliant idea! They look so good!