Monday, February 18, 2013

Inspired Blooms: Orchid Care

I found this photo of my gorgeous orchids I picked up back in December.  And oh, how pretty they looked all in bloom.  Now, those beautiful blooms have since gone and I'm left with a few single stems.  She sat and sat the entire last month in my garage because I didn't know how to take care of them or if they would even come back.  

*Note:  I do not have any kind of green thumb whatsoever.  I kill everything. Period.

But I think I may have a soft spot for them, because they didn't visit the dumpster like most of my deceased plants.  I found a few different links that say you can bring them back, yah!!  

Keely from Luxe and Lillies, shares how to trim and bring them back to life.

This article, here, shows you everything from selecting your orchid to potting and everyday care.

She got a little extra care and trimming and 
for now, she sits in my windowsill, catching some well needed light.  
Hopefully we'll see some blooms in a few months.


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  1. I have an orchid that has been blooming since October. I am so surprised that the blooms have lasted so long. In the past I haven't had much luck with them. I keep my orchid in a spot that gets a lot of filtered sunlight and that seems to be doing the trick. I want to buy a few more, but they can be so expensive. Good luck with yours. I love the brass bowl you have it in.