Thursday, April 11, 2013

Updates and Storage in the Kids' Room

As I've been adjusting to the lack of color in the kids room, since I decided to paint over their lovely blue walls.  I'm focusing on changes I can do within the space like colorful pillows and pattern throughout.  Originally, my little girl had a printed comforter, but I thought I needed to keep the prints elsewhere and keep their comforters in solid colors.  But as you can see, I did keep with the texture.  Mr B's comforter is green, but has round circles to keep it from looking flat.  And so I went with a solid pale purple for my darling girl, with rosette squares.  It's the details that count, right?

Lots of pattern and texture.
And some of her closest friends.

But my darling girl thought there just wasn't enough animals in the picture. 
She insisted that more of her friends join in.

As per, the storage in here.  I had been trying to decide what to do for months and months with the canvas bins, I originally purchased years ago.  They were not holding up and looked terrible beyond repair, they had to go.  I kept thinking of just one large toy chest, metal bins, metal baskets, or just about anything that seemed indestructible, but couldn't find anything within price point or to my liking.  But while at HomeGoods one afternoon, I saw these canvas totes (not sure what they are exactly) and thought they could handle the wear and tear of this playroom.  They are double lined and stand well on their own without any help, so I'm thinking they might work longer that the others did.  Oh gosh, I really hope they do!  

Now the question remains, what to do with this little bookcase. ???  I need a bookcase of sorts to hold their books and allow me to still place their lamp on it.  I just wish it was sturdier, I'm surprised it's still standing really.   

Small changes here and there are good for us.  They don't happen often, but to tell you the truth...most projects and/or purchases I make, I sell things we don't need or try to pick up jobs on the side.  Because honestly I don't have the money in my budget always to buy whatever I want.  Most people don't know or even remember that when I first started this blog, given my blog name, I had a closet full of craft/sewing/crap stuff that I needed to dive in to.  What I didn't want to keep or re-make, I sold.  I was trying to be resourceful with what I had.  In a way, it can get a little annoying that I can't just go out and buy everything...but in a way, it keeps me creative with what I have or again, more proactive in reselling and buying what I do want.  I'm sure we all can resonate with that at one time or another in our lives, yeah?

A few other little changes here and there will be happening in the coming months within these walls, and I am looking forward to showing them to you.



  1. The kids room is looking good! If it isn't already is there anyway you could get a piece of wood (masonite, paneling) to put on the back? I know sometimes they only come with cardboard. I love your daughters bed covering!! Keep up the good work you are doing!