Monday, May 13, 2013

Creating a Bright & Comfy space with Layers

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a beautiful Mother's Day weekend and were pampered like you should be.  The weather here in So Cal has been beautiful and warming up each day.  The weekend was just perfect and so we spent some time at the beach, where it was utter bliss.  This weekend will definitely be going in my top 5 this year.

On Friday night, I spent the evening with a girlfriend who had an evening to herself, so we made the night of it and had a little girls night (mommy style)...she came over after my kiddies went to sleep and we sat and talked over some obnoxiously good sweets.  She commented at one point about my living room and asked how she too, could get that "cozy" look.  I have been asked this question many times from friends and family and thought I should do a little how-to, on how to achieve the "layered/cozy" look.

I think part of what is so great about my space is the reality that I too, succumbed to the brown couch.  In defense, I bought this to counter act my kids and the stains that would never leave no matter how hard I scrubbed or washed.  So I opted for a quick fix, with this inexpensive Craigslist brown, faux leather sofa.  Reality check, checked.  So like many of you, with your brown couches, we all are struggling to find ways to lighten things up.

To begin, I started with a clean slate.  I striped my living room down to the basics.  

A couch.  A coffee table. Side table and lamp.  And if you've taken things to the next level, maybe some basic curtains and rug.  Basic to basic.  We've all seen it and for some of live this every single day. You might even say, "This is fine, I just need some pillows or whatever."  Wrong.  If you want to cozy things up in here, you'll need to layer it on.  

First, try adding some color in the form of another rug on top of each other.  This rug I've chosen is a low profile cotton rug.  Now if I had hardwood floors, I would have opted to have only the single rug, but because I am layering a rug on top of my carpet, I needed another layer to hold her in place, so to speak.  

With this colorful rug in place, she really shines against the brown couch and coffee table.  The brown couch and pink from the rug, really help to balance the two colors and keep it from being overly feminine or masculine.  

Next:  Accessories.  We need to insert something onto the coffee table and end table.  We don't need to over analyze the space or purchase items you don't normally use.  Think about what works for you.    

To keep the balance, I went with a faux plant and small picture of my children on the end table.  This way, I still have room for coasters or the remote when needed.  You'll notice that each of these items have different finishes.  They all are at varying heights and compliment one another.  And when it doesn't, always consider some paint.  It's quick and easy.  For the coffee table, I went with another plant (this one is actually real, btw), my favorite candle and a small coral statue.  Keep to what you love and only use a few choice items.  If you're like me and have more than a few, keep them in a closet so you can switch them out every few months.

This next piece of advice comes from so many stylists and designers.  Use plants or other types of greenery in your decor.  I feel as though it brings another added element into the home and can brighten your mood instantly.  If you don't believe me, go buy yourself some flowers, put them out and see how much different you feel when you see them.  But be realistic, if you can't do the real thing, opt for a really great faux plant.  

Now:  Pillows.  This can be tricky.  There are so many kinds of pillows out there and often times, we aren't sure how to choose them for our home.  A good rule of thumb is to pick a couple colors you like and go with that.  What I did for this space was found some pretty watercolor pillows that I thought were absolutely perfect and chose two different color solid pillows as accents.  They were bright and cheerful and I could use some of my pillows I already had on hand.  

And FYI:  If you have children, I opt for outdoor pillows if I can.  This eliminates any stains or dirty finger prints that will happen.  If you can't find any to your liking, I always suggest a can of Scotch Guard spray. 

And lastly, I brought in a small white cane chair and my floor pouf to add extra seating.  And that's it!  A cozy, comfortable, bright room that doesn't require much but a few layers of love.  I know that at times we get overwhelmed and want to finish a room, right now!  Yet, that isn't life.  We have to wait.  And plan.  And shop.  And sometimes, take back what we bought when we realize it just isn't us.   

Now, I do realize that given my living room set up, I didn't go into much wall decor, but I think I'll save that for another day.  I hope you all enjoyed seeing the evolution of how I layer and create a cozy room with bright colors.

Happy layering ladies!!!

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

For the Simple Mother

My mom--is a simple woman.  She isn't big on jewelry, shoes or clothes.  She prefers the simple things, like pictures of her grandchildren.

I like to think sometimes that I inherited this little mantra from her.
A sweet candle, home made birthday cakes, and pretty linens.
I'm a firm believer that joy is found in the simplest of things.  Don't you?

  • These Reef Sandals are simple, yet strong, and go beyond the description of comfort.   
  • Striped Canvas Tote is great for everyday use or a trip to the pool.  
  • To pamper her a little more, give her this Floral Milk Bath and Pink Love Salts.  
  • This Wish Hand Cream from Anthropologie is one of my absolute favorites, simply divine I tell you.  
  • If your mother isn't big on the jewels, give her this simple Loved Necklace from Lisa Leonard.  She'll wear it forever. 
  • If she's a master in the kitchen, get her a pretty Apron or some Dish Towels to brighten her day.  
  • And for the mom who needs a good read for a lazy Sunday afternoon, get her this Book.  

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Peacock Blue Dresser

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!  It seems as though the weekends come quicker each week, I'm not sure if that just means I have lots going on during the week or what?  Ever since I've been in school, it seems as though days fly by and I'm waiting on the next project or event.  Maybe that's why you need a vacation every year, to slow things down for a bit.  Anyone want to take me on a trip so I can see straight for a few seconds??  

This weekend, like many, I finished some details on a little dresser project that has been in my garage for months.  After several attempts of selling her unfinished, I decided to take some paint to her.  My girl, Brooke from Inside-Out Design, also did a dresser for her kids' playroom in the same color.  And honestly, I realized I bought the same color at the same time she finished hers.  Kindred spirits we are, I guess.    So after two coats of gray spray paint, I did two coats of Behr's, Peacock Feather.  Once it was on, I realized it was a bit more blue than I had wanted, but still came out very pretty in comparison to it's before.

I switched out the hard ware, wanting to keep it a bit more modern compared to her curvy lines.  I am still debating the silver finish.  I wanted something with a bit of brass, but that can always be changed with a few coats of spray paint.  

For now, it's great to have some closed storage where we can put away dress up clothes, puzzles and toys that seem to have no home.  Plus the added color in the room is a major bonus.  

And a little before and after, to give you an idea.

Lots more to do this week, planning my little girls birthday party, starting a new class and working on a few more projects.  How do the rest of you divide your time???  I still haven't quite figured out the best way.

Have a good day lovelies!

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