Wednesday, May 8, 2013

For the Simple Mother

My mom--is a simple woman.  She isn't big on jewelry, shoes or clothes.  She prefers the simple things, like pictures of her grandchildren.

I like to think sometimes that I inherited this little mantra from her.
A sweet candle, home made birthday cakes, and pretty linens.
I'm a firm believer that joy is found in the simplest of things.  Don't you?

  • These Reef Sandals are simple, yet strong, and go beyond the description of comfort.   
  • Striped Canvas Tote is great for everyday use or a trip to the pool.  
  • To pamper her a little more, give her this Floral Milk Bath and Pink Love Salts.  
  • This Wish Hand Cream from Anthropologie is one of my absolute favorites, simply divine I tell you.  
  • If your mother isn't big on the jewels, give her this simple Loved Necklace from Lisa Leonard.  She'll wear it forever. 
  • If she's a master in the kitchen, get her a pretty Apron or some Dish Towels to brighten her day.  
  • And for the mom who needs a good read for a lazy Sunday afternoon, get her this Book.  

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