Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Peacock Blue Dresser

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!  It seems as though the weekends come quicker each week, I'm not sure if that just means I have lots going on during the week or what?  Ever since I've been in school, it seems as though days fly by and I'm waiting on the next project or event.  Maybe that's why you need a vacation every year, to slow things down for a bit.  Anyone want to take me on a trip so I can see straight for a few seconds??  

This weekend, like many, I finished some details on a little dresser project that has been in my garage for months.  After several attempts of selling her unfinished, I decided to take some paint to her.  My girl, Brooke from Inside-Out Design, also did a dresser for her kids' playroom in the same color.  And honestly, I realized I bought the same color at the same time she finished hers.  Kindred spirits we are, I guess.    So after two coats of gray spray paint, I did two coats of Behr's, Peacock Feather.  Once it was on, I realized it was a bit more blue than I had wanted, but still came out very pretty in comparison to it's before.

I switched out the hard ware, wanting to keep it a bit more modern compared to her curvy lines.  I am still debating the silver finish.  I wanted something with a bit of brass, but that can always be changed with a few coats of spray paint.  

For now, it's great to have some closed storage where we can put away dress up clothes, puzzles and toys that seem to have no home.  Plus the added color in the room is a major bonus.  

And a little before and after, to give you an idea.

Lots more to do this week, planning my little girls birthday party, starting a new class and working on a few more projects.  How do the rest of you divide your time???  I still haven't quite figured out the best way.

Have a good day lovelies!

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  1. you know i love bold blue color! looks awesome!

  2. Absolutely love the color! Great makeover!

    I am your newest follower!