Thursday, September 5, 2013

Brass + White Nightstand

In finally getting my mojo back over the summer, I decided I needed a small DIY to get me back to it.  A neighbor handed this nightstand over to me about a year or more ago just "because", all the while just sitting in my garage with hopes of maybe one day getting painted, and more than likely to be sold.  I had no intentions of keeping it, but I had to reconsider when The Mr. and I decided we should really bucker down and pay off some debt.  And so the dream of possibly getting new bedroom furniture became a distant thought and I began rethinking this little nightstand's future.  

The before is nothing special, again, hence why I didn't want it to be a part of my life.  A pretty boring orange-y stain with huuuge nubbins.  So over the Labor Day weekend, I made myself useful and painted this boring piece.

I replaced her gigantic knobs with a simple DIY I found from Sarah M. Dorsey.  It was an inexpensive fix from the original knobs and a very quick DIY.  Oh, so pretty!!!  

Another reason and huge plus was the need for some storage. All the controllers and extra "stuff" from the hubs can now be stowed away and out of sight.  This way I can at least appear to be keeping things tidy up in here.

One quick little tip is that for the last few dressers I've refinished, I've used simple felt rounds to keep the drawers from rubbing up against the dresser itself.  This will ensure that the paint will last a little longer.

If you need to, they can easily be trimmed to fit any drawer size. 

After I pulled the nightstand into her place, I began to have a little bit of dresser envy on the hubs side of the bed.  Maybe it's the simplicity of the pulls or what...but I am definitely in love with her.  She coincides great with my vintage nightstand, but sits a bit more on the masculine side compared to mine.  

Things are finally looking up in here.  It only takes, oh I don't know--forever.

Anyone else with me?


  1. Lovely transformation! I would love if you would share it at Modern Cottage Monday at Curate by Carrie Corson:)

  2. Gorgeous makeover! Good call on replacing the "nubbins", haha. Also, I'm in LOVE with your headboard.

    Stephanie @