Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I love a monochromatic look in interiors.  It can be soothing and calming, yet at times can appear to be a bit cold and unwelcoming for some.  I love that when you add texture to a less-than-colorless room, it softens the ambiance and allows your eye to really, feel the room.  

The images below show us just that--just try to imagine the rooms without their soft counter parts and I think you'll agree, they give it that extra something...and a good reason to lay down and take a nap.    




Image Unkown

I purchased my faux-fur blanket a couple years ago at Target (clearance baby!!).  It's the softest and most perfect fit for the end of our bed and adds a touch of glam and texture we desperately needed.  

I've been eyeing this pink fur pillow for a bit and think it might be the perfect addition to our bedroom.


And right now, One King's Lane is offering an entire collection of faux-fur pillows and blankets that I think you need to look at.

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