Thursday, October 17, 2013

Brass & Black

I've been itching to change out the backing in my bookcase for a long time now.  Seeing so many images on Pinterest doesn't help, there are so many options, and I am a fan of a lot of them.  But I kept getting stuck on how a completely white backing would just not keep me happy or anything with a print either.  So I went with what I love, black.  You can never go wrong with black, right?  

Now, my bookcase was a CL find, and so it didn't come with any backing.  It was empty for a while and then I went with a black & white striped fabric I had on hand.  So in order to do anything, I'd have to buy some thin plywood and then paint it.  But I just couldn't wait for paint to dry--so I came up with another solution. Instead, I bought black foam core boards from Target.  You can find them where the display boards and poster boards are, they ended up being less than $3/ per sheet and I used 3 for my bookcase.  I used the foam core boards specifically because they are much heavier than regular ol' poster board and won't tear so easily.  I came home, nailed them into place...and finito!  They look especially fabulous with some Halloween decor, yeah?

There are still some visible lines of where my boards meet together, but you hardly notice and I strategically covered them by moving some items around.  I also added in a new little friend I picked up the other day.  This brass stool was just one of the amazing things I found while I was out doing some schoolwork.  Gotta keep your eyes open for things like this, I almost walked away from it, but realized I'd kick myself later.  At only $45, the price was phenomenal.  I had to have her!

I'm hoping the black is something I don't regret, since I do have so many of those.  I guess we'll see how the upcoming holiday's fare with the darkness.


  1. it looks awesome and i love that little skeleton! he's so cool!

  2. I love the black!! I've been wanting to do the same look- it's so classic and glamorous. Your way of doing it was totally genius- so much easier than painting!