Friday, October 4, 2013

Fall at Home

Call me crazy, but I was dreading pulling out all the Halloween decor this year.  I don't know what's with me?  In past years I couldn't wait to get everything out and up on the walls.  And my kids are still little!! You'd think I'd be up for the silly, bright and festive stuff, but I'm not.  I've finally come to love my home and the way I decorate it, and I didn't really feel like moving everything out and bringing in a bunch of "stuff"...I'm being nice because what I really wanted to say was bring out all the crap.  What I saw happening, without fail, is that whenever the holiday's came around, and even though I had the decor for it, I always had this overwhelming need to purchase more stuff.  I would say that kinda borders on 'compulsive shopper'... yes?  It was getting out of hand and my shop hoarding basically blew.  I finally came to a place where I only wanted to buy what I absolutely loved.  I'm sure the hubby will be very happy to hear that.

So this year for my fall decorating, I used some of the simpler fall decor I had and incorporated my own things into the mix.  The wheat stock candle sticks were one of my newest purchases from Home Goods.  And on my coffee table, I incorporated my metallic pumpkin with one of my favorite frames and a classic glass lantern.

You can tell I do love me some pumpkins, because they can be left out until Thanksgiving.  It makes it easier to decorate and less stuff to haul away and store.  The glass tortoise pumpkin  below is from Pier 1, and sits high in the bookcase, away from the curious little hands.  Since I do have little ones, and always get asked how I decorate with kids around, especially when they have a need to touch everything, I've become quite strategic.  Breakables get put up on shelves and places where little ones can not reach.   And most of what I use on my coffee table, entry table and elsewhere are items that can either take a beating or I have no fear of anyone getting hurt from them.  

I'm happy that the house will in some ways be free from extra clutter.  And that we can still enjoy some festive decor for the next few months.

Are you decorated for the season yet?

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  1. I totally thought those wheat candesticks were some rare vintage find! hg! I might have to see about getting some of my own!