Thursday, November 14, 2013

One Table, Two Looks.

The last few weeks I've been dealing with a lot of issues with my blog domain and had to import my entire blog to a new "blogger" address.  All this means is that I'm kind of starting from scratch.  I lost all of my followers and any images or links that were connected to my original blog won't work.  But I'm kinda okay with that.  It gives me a chance to fully start where I intentionally want to go with this blog and how I want to represent it.  Design, art, furniture, interiors.  The beautiful make up of a home and the elements within it.  And to start things off, I'll show you a little DIY that I worked on this past week.

Back in January I purchased this coffee table from Ikea.  I had debated about how I was going to hack this little table, you can read the post HERE.  I decided to go with the casual look and build a wood top similar to West Elm's box frame table.  You can see how I built the top and how the coffee table came out HERE.

But as much as I have loved having this table with the wood top, I was itching for a change.  We all knew it wasn't going to last long.  And this simple hack was just as easy as the first.  I used Rub-N-Buff Antique Gold on the metal frame and painted the bottom shelf in semi-gloss white.  I did, however, spray paint the frame first with Rustoleum's Gold metallic spray paint.  And I didn't really like the finish.  It was a little flat for me and I like how using the rub-n-buff gave it some dimension.  

You can see here how the Rub-n-Buff gives it added dimension (or the rubbing imperfections on my part), whatever way you cut it--I actually love how it turned out.  

And as I finished the table and put her into place in the living room, I wasn't digging on my jute rug with the table.  I'm not sure if it was just a little too colorless for  my taste or the room or whatever, but it had to go (in the closet that is, for another day).  For now, I don't have a rug in here, or until I can find one I really love with the table and couch.  I'm really liking the way things are looking in here. The table seems to pop against the dark couch, and makes me excited to decorate it for Christmas.  Oh, Christmas.  We won't even go there yet.