Saturday, December 28, 2013

Happy Weekend & Christmas Recap

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I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!  Our festivities began with Christmas baking two days before the big day and then having Christmas Eve dinner here at home.  In the past we've always had plans for Christmas eve with extended family, but this year we didn't.  We spent the day at home with our little family and I absolutely loved it!  We baked all day long, watched every Christmas movie we had, and enjoyed the time together in our little home.  It was perfect!  And since it was our first Christmas Eve dinner here at home, I did my best at setting the table for dinner.  I don't own any fancy china yet, so I mixed some fun patterns in with linens and my Tracey Reese plates I got from Target last year, and then used what I had around the house for a table runner (ie: a scarf) and centerpiece. 
Christmas morning was spent here at home, listening to Frank Sinatra while the kids dived into their gifts and then some yummy home-made cinnamon rolls.  The day was long, but magical all at the  same time.  So as Christmas quickly came and went, so did all the trimmings and clutter.  I was happy to put it all away yesterday, even though I feel like I had just put the tree up last week.  I'm not sure if it's the mess from Christmas wrapping paper and boxes from opened toys, but I needed to clean it all up and organize everything back to reality so I could breathe again.  It always feels like a breath of fresh air when it's all put away, anyone else feel this way? 
And now that the frenzy of Christmas is behind us, I'm thinking about the New Year and some resolutions I  want to take on.  I've never been one to commit to a Resolution--but it feels good to have a goal for the year and make plans to work on them.  I guess I better get to thinking, I only have a few days left. 
Are you ready?
xo- Sara

Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas around the House 2013

This year I really took to the whole "less is more" mantra.  I was really excited to decorate for Christmas and then realized that as I was rummaging through the Christmas boxes in the garage, I realized I only had about a handful of decorations.  It seems that I had been weeding most of my stuff out over the last few years.  Part of me was just over all the "stuff" I seemed to have, and this goes for just about all of my decor, not just the Christmas stuff.   

In the living room I switched up my pillows, using a mix of Ikea striped pillows, and sewing myself a new one using this fabric.  The white sweater pom-pom pillow I bought last year from Target and the leopard one I made a few years back. The coffee table decor I kept simple by adding a few bright bulbs, easy-peasy, right?

My mosaic tree and ornament disco ball are back on top of the bookcase, where my favorite Christmas decoration, the Nativity sits.  I like it this year especially because I think the black really makes for a dramatic backdrop.  

Balls in a bowl.  Yep.  Call it a day.

Past Christmas photos and Santa photos are out for the kids to see, Lizzie especially loves seeing herself and her brother with Santa.  I'm really excited to see our collection grow through the years.

And this year I succomed to the little tinsel Christmas tree for the kids.  I knew it was going to happen sooner or later, so I caved.  It's pretty adorable and I guess I should count myself lucky that Lizzie hasn't asked to put presents under it yet.

Thanks for stopping by,

Merry Christmas friends!!