Thursday, January 16, 2014

edit your home.

The last few years, and most definitely when I turned 30, there began a sense of urgency.  Not the, "I need a man" or "baby" urgency (I had those)...but a sense of order and relief among the chaos in life.  I'm probably way behind in all of this, but I think in getting married, having children, and all of life's ups and downs, I never had the time, or maybe because time just seemed to slip away so quickly that I never had a chance to get my crap together.  Granted all-in-all, life was moving right along, but I continued at a pace that continued to deplete my bank account and fill my home with excess.  After some self reflection, I needed to change the way I looked at my home and what I decided to fill it with.  What I needed was a good editing plan.  Some how getting rid of the unnecessary in my life and at home.  What I saw in myself was the need to buy everything I loved whether or not I needed it or not.  Oh, my gosh!...I love it and need to buy it!  Why??  I really have no idea, maybe it was because I just wanted to buy something, or just that fulfillment of having it, I'm not a psych major, so I won't even worry about it.  And what I ended up with, was a ton of home decor and things I ultimately didn't keep around for too long.  So as I'm getting older, I'm more aware of my spending and more analytical of the things I choose to fill it with. 

So I came up with a few simple rules to help me tackle the unnecessary clutter and chaos in my life.

#1  Go through your paperwork, snail mail, bills, etc.  I try to make this a daily task because if I don't tackle it on a consecutive basis, it really starts to stack up and then I'm surrounded by not just one, but numerous piles of paper on my desk, in the kitchen, on my bedroom floor.  I'm a piler, obviously.  So for starters, I make sure to go through the papers, trashing what needs to be trashed, papers to be filed (right away), and bills to be paid.

#2  Now onto the decor.  Look at every vignette, styled mantle, groupings of pillows, frames, whatever and remove something.  Only keep what you love.  Really try to think about what you love or what you have just because.

#3  Now onto closet items and home decor you have on back-up.  Be critical when it comes to these things.  How many picture frames do you really need...two, six, ten??  When was the last time you used them?...over a year.  Yeah--goodwill 'em.  Don't even think twice, bag 'em up.  Relieving yourself of unnecessary things will free you.  Just wait.  Keep what you only know you're going to use, the rest is just using up space in your closet.  And in your mind.  Let it go!

I honestly can say, that by getting rid of excess items and clutter around my house has been incredibly liberating.  It's like a breath of fresh air and I want more of it.  I think sometimes we forget the incredible beauty that can come from a single component.  We forget to see the true nature and existence of each piece of furniture, art, or single trinket.

Sometimes they need solitude in order to shine.

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