Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Octogon Mirror

I'd been fawning over this octogon mirror from RH for a while now.  It's simple and classic without a lot of fluff.  But I just couldn't convince myself or even consider asking the hubs about this purchase, the price was way of my price range.

                                                         Restoration Hardware


Target also had a few options for a while, but they were pretty small, coming in at less than 20" in diameter.  I wanted mine to be pretty substantial so it wouldn't look like a ship's porthole.  


So you can imagine how excited I was while perusing my local HomeGoods yesterday and spied this baby in the mirror section.  Hello lover!  And for a only $70, it was a steal compared to the RH mirror. I was a little bummed that it was painted white and distressed, it's a little country cottage for my style but that can always be changed later.

I used the mirror in the living room near the door, switching out the Cozamia print I originally had up. Once I started moving things around I realized I didn't mind the white distressed paint.  It actually contrasts nicely with the dark console.  I tried a few different looks, switching out pictures and plants.  The only one I couldn't decide on was the lamp shade.  What do we think...


Or white?

In the end, I went with the white shade.  I'm really happy with the size of the mirror, it's bigger than the one I kept thinking of getting at Target, but definitely wouldn't have made me happy in the end.  It's a testament to waiting it out sometimes.  

I'm back to school this week and surprisingly I'm happy about that, I kinda missed it.  Ask me in another six weeks, I may have a different answer for you.  Happy hump day peeps.



  1. What a great find! Def worth the wait! And I love everything about how you styled this table- beautiful!!

  2. hello,
    I too like the styling and mirror, great find.