Friday, February 7, 2014

Inspired Rooms: You've Got Mail

My hubby likes to joke about letting me watch the movie, You've Got Mail, only when he needs to fall asleep quickly.  He's such a sweetheart sometimes, don't you think?  But this movie is one of my all time faves!  He dozes off, and I get to relax with Meg and Tom.  I am such a fan of set design and how it applies to a story line and the characters, one of my other favorites is Cougar Town.  Plus, I'm a huge Friends fan, so it's just as well.

Joe Fox, played by Tom Hanks, lives in a beautiful apartment with his girlfriend Patricia.  We don't see a lot of his apartment, but what has always pulled me in was his kitchen.  (Sorry for the half photos, but this was the best screen shot I could get without the image being totally blurry).  His kitchen is small, but the design is phenomenal.  The transitional design is beautifully done and would have you stumped as to when this movie was made. The hubs and I had a little bet about when it came out--I said 98' and he guessed, 2000. 

The movie was released back in 1998--yep, I totally know my stuff.  But it's kinda crazy, 16 years ago, can you believe it??  But with the black wall, white glass cabinets, and silver hardware, the kitchen looks like something designed today. This room does not beckon the typical 90's wood oak cabinets at all.  It's timeless and will withstand the fades that will always come and go.  

Another shot, sorry for the blurred image, Patricia was just running around like a mad woman.  But don't you  just love how they utilized the space?  I love the window, and the shades with the neutral window coverings.  The small cabinet filled with books is a great little addition too.

I adore the large grandfather clock and bench in the hallway.  Although I think the bench was a bit much for Mr. Fox, but I'm under the assumption his home was decorated by a designer as opposed to Katherine's shabby chic brownstone.  

And a few photos of her home, just because it's a must.  

Her bathroom is one of my all time favorites.  
The vanity and the moldings throughout are just as classy as she.

All images taken by me.

Have a lovely weekend, friends!


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