Monday, March 31, 2014

Desk as Bedroom Nightstand

I've been able to avoid the topic of a desk space for the hubby for only so long. You see, I have a desk (of sorts), which has absolutely no storage, very limited amount of work space, and our very large but necessary scanner/printer.  I've told him that he can use the space for when he's writing reports and stuff, but he graciously declines.  Maybe working from my girly desk just isn't setting right with him?  And it doesn't help that it's in a constant state of use for school work, drafting, and everyday computer use. So most days he does his best working from our bed or the dining room table.  But because he works so hard and deserves a better work space, I've been rethinking our bedroom situation to come up with a way to give him one. The room is a great size for us, but there really isn't any more room for another desk. So instead I've been considering swapping out his nightstand for a small working desk.  And yet I cringe at the idea of having more clutter around because of another added work desk in the room--he totally deserves one. 

As of right now, this is our bedroom (with a few minor pillow changes).  His side is on the left and so this is where the new desk would sit.  I love that his is on the opposite wall of the door because I think we'd have issues with door clearance.  

These photos are my inspiration for what I'd love to see in here.


Source Unknown

And of course while I'd love to do something in white with drawers like this piece
 from Martha Stewart Living, I think we're going to go a bit more masculine.  

MSL Home Decorators

I've been wanting to darken things up a bit in here and something with a dark wood stain would ground the space and give it a rich look.  And the x-base frames on these two desks below are what I'm leaning towards.  

Threshold X-base

Campaign Desk

Hopefully I can make this purchase soon because I've been thinking I may join in on the One Room Challenge with Linda at Calling it Home.  It's an amazing six-week challenge that follows a group of talented women as they redesign and decorate a room in their home or another's.  I've been thinking of participating because it would give me a push to finish this room...ugh.  Anyone else have a hard time finishing a space? Too many projects and a girl who has a hard time saying no--guilty as charged.  

Let's see if I can wrap up my inhibition and finish this room for good.


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  1. Your room is darling- a desk next to the bed would add a lot, good luck!