Thursday, April 3, 2014

One Room Challenge: Week One

This is probably the scariest thing anyone can ever take on---first admitting that these photos below are my own and second, that I'm going to take the challenge of trying to finish it in six weeks, all while I post my progress for the world to see (or at least to the select few who read this blog).  Either way, a very daunting task.  If you're not familiar with this challenge, I'd head on over to Linda's blog, Calling it Home and check out the past challenges.  For starters, 20 bloggers will take on this task to redesign a single room over a six week period while we all watch and marvel at their genius, and Linda has so graciously allowed anyone else to participate and join in on the fun.  I've decided to join in on the craziness and try to get my crap together and finish my own bedroom.  

I think we've done this to ourselves and left our own bedrooms in disarray to finish and complete other rooms in our homes.  Sometimes mine looks like a closet and spare room with everything that gets dumped in here.  So for starters, we'll start off with some awesome before photos so I can really show you what we got going on in here.

So for starters, on a good day when I make my bed, this is what the room looks like...

And then we get real and actually get to see what the rest of the room looks like.

Ahhh.  It's a wonderful mess.  For one, I hate that window.  Probably more than life itself, it is long and includes a wonderful eye-sore window fan.  Total renting bliss, right?  So for starters, we are probably talking everything needs to go..okay, okay, I guess not everything.  Here's my little list of what goes and what stays.


-Nightstand on the right side of bed
-Office desk and chairs
-gallery wall (maybe)
-sunburst mirror (maybe)


-Small office desk for bedside 
-Abstract artwork
-Recover bamboo chairs
-upholstered bench
-draperies for the window
-New headboard
-New bed linen

As I am terrible about changing my mind when it comes to things, I was actually set on my bedroom and the design concept behind it.  I wanted something serene and peaceful, laid-back and interesting.  So as much as I love crazy and out of this world fabrics, I've decided to keep it light with splashes of color.  

I'm looking forward to getting started and finally finishing some projects that have been sitting in my garage like forever.  Wish me luck!



  1. I'm pretty sure every one has that hidden side of the room :) I think your design plan gives you everything you were looking for. Best of luck, I'll definitely be following along!

    1. Thanks Kathleen! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who does this ;-)

  2. Hi Sara, it's nice to meet you. On a good day, your bed and side tables look fantastic. I would say half of the room is great. Don't stress about this, just do what you can and see how far you get. Thanks for joining in and good luck.

    1. Hi, Linda! Thanks for hosting such a great series, it's always fun to watch everyone's spaces transform and I'm excited to actually participate, hopefully I'll get my crap together :) Thanks for stopping in!!

  3. Seriously don't change out that headboard! I love it and with the JR pillows it will be perfect!

    1. Really, Sherry? I am so torn, this little headboard was one of my first diy's, it's just really lacking in bulk. I keep thinking we need some weight. Ugh, decisions, decisions.