Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Small Treasures

When I get the chance to break away from the kids for a moment, I love to stop in and peruse a few local second hand stores and if I'm lucky make a trip to some antique shops.  School and kids keep my time filled to the brim which makes everything else take a backseat to life--you don't want to see whats been going on in the kitchen or around the house, this is where I think hiring a maid is looking like a pretty good investment (ie: I cleaned these shelves just before snapping this photo--terrible right?)

So this week, I actually had the chance to be in charge of our women's church activity for the month.  It was a throw back to the good ol' days.  The speaker talked on getting back to basics, and trying to keep things simple in our lives so we don't forget the big picture.  Decor was simple, an old window with black and white photos, inspiring love messages, pie and fresh flowers.  For the front table, I was in need of a few slender glass vases, and I had hopes I might find a few milk glass vases to complete my simple tablescape.  While I did find some glass vases, alas, I couldn't snag any milk glass. But I did happen to come across a few awesome scores for myself.  This little blue and white vase caught my eye right away, isn't she darling?  I've never picked anything up with this bright of a color, I realize I tend to keep to the neutrals.  But this bit of color is just right in the bookcase.  

This vintage brass utensil holder was also something I picked up.  It was buried between and underneath everything, sometimes if not most likely you'll definitely have to rummage through crap to find the gold (or brass).  

The best finds you can score when you're out thrifting are ones you never intended to purchase.  I think I have definitely gotten better with age and I don't buy everything I see anymore..see Target you have no hold over me!  (at least not this week).  

Have you scored anything good lately?



  1. The decor at your church activity sounds really pretty! I love windows used as picture frames. I love the brass vase and blue and white vase you got yourself too. I tend to mostly gravitate towards neutrals too, which makes the few colorful things I have pop out more. So for me it's my favorite way to decorate! Have a great weekend!

  2. Both really great finds! And I totally agree, the best finds are the ones you weren't looking for---especially when thrifting!