Saturday, May 17, 2014

Weekend Reading: Summer

The weekend is here and my kids are losing it already.  As the kids are getting older and we're able to venture out to more places, I've been having anxiety over the idea of summer break and what we're going to fill our time with.  I am bound and determined to have some sort of schedule in order, but--we'll see how that pans out, right? So, I thought I'd start a little series about the weekend and what to fill it with.  I can't promise that they'll always include the kiddos, because sometimes I'm selfish and I like to indulge a bit. Sorry, not sorry. Today would have been a perfect beach day, but sadly mama has some homework to do and we're confined to stay closer to home today. Plus, it's too dang hot. So--Plan, B....

This heat we're having in SoCal is begging me to make these yummy popsicles .  I think the kids would be into it, I mean they do include chocolate.  If not, I could always bribe them if they were made in these.

I rent so I've always been a little skeptical about plants and such, but I've been dying to pot a citrus tree for a while now.  So I don't think I should put it off any longer.

This wood bead necklace is definitely on my to-do list.  Easy enough for anyone to do.  

Tie dye something--anything!

I love sandals and would wear them every day.  But the downside of this are dry and cracked feet.  Yeah, not so sexy.  This yummy lemon peppermint footscrub looks good enough to eat, and quick enough to pull together for a good soak tonight.

Hopefully, you all are out doing something fabulous for the weekend, and if not--at least treat yourself to something nice.  Cake is always a good way to go.


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