Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Large and in Charge


I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and if you're a mother, were able to enjoy a little restful or at least less stressful day on Sunday.  I wish I could say that I was able to sleep in and enjoy flowers and breakfast in bed served to me by my little family, but sadly no.  The hubby had to work so I was on my own Sunday, taking the kids to church and cooking my own meals.  We'll be celebrating later and on one hand, my babies were great at church and (gasp!) I even got to take a little nap on the couch for a bit too. Shocker--I know.  So it wasn't a terrible day and I still received all the cute notes and handmade finger paintings accustomed to Mother's day.

So this past week while I was at my parents, my mom has been remodeling most of the house we grew up in.  It's been in need of some updating for a long time and she's finally been getting things checked off her list.  The other day she asked me about a large wall in the living room and what she should do with it.  I would love to see her put something large in the space, either a piece of art or a large mirror.  On the adjacent wall she already has a gallery wall of the family and everyone's individual families.  So I am hoping to convince her with something large and that will make a statement in the room.

The Marion House Book

I would absolutely love to see her do something with some color.  The room itself is very neutral and this would give it a breath of fresh air.


Apartment Therapy


I know for most going large seems a tad overwhelming and excessive, but I think it's all part of being brave and taking a leap.  I love the impact it has on a space and how much bigger it makes a room.

It's a far reach but I'm hoping she'd pick one by Gray Malin. Or at least I would.



  1. Such beautiful images! A bright piece of art totally brightens and makes any neutral space so exciting. And a Gray Malin is always a good idea.

  2. I love hugely oversized art! I hate that it's always so expensive because I'd love a gigantic piece like any of these!