Sunday, May 4, 2014

One Room Challenge: Week 5

We're entering the last week of The One Room Challenge and the pressure is on! Compared to what I've been watching unfold over the past month on most blogs participating, my little room isn't anything as nearly spectacular.  But I think my little room is comparable to what most can do on a budget and when you're renting.  While I can't make any major architectural changes, I could at the very least paint, but decided I wanted to keep my space neutral and stress-free when we move out.  A few changes have been made to my original plan, for starters, we've decided to skip on the desk beside the bed for now.  The hubs and I just can't seem to find the right one and so we're just holding out, which is better than buying something you absolutely will hate.  So we're waiting patiently, or at least he is.  And the headboard situation is also at a standstill.  I have been toying with just keeping the striped headboard because I've decided to keep things neutral and I do love the black and white, I just think I may need to give it some piping or something, we'll see.

This week, I finally picked up some new bedding.  While most people shy away from white when they have children, I indulge a bit and get a little selfish when it comes to my bed. This duvet is great because while I'm going pretty neutral in the space, the cinched material gives it some texture. Love it!  And I also gave my new dresser a coat of refinish this week to brighten her up a bit and make her look all shiny and pretty.  It took me literally less than an hour to do and she looks brand spankin' new.

For artwork in the room, I have a large black and white beach photograph from our trip to Cambria last year which I'll probably use in the space, but got to thinking I needed something else to go along with it. Pineapples are a bit of a symbol right now in my life for someone close to me and I really wanted to incorporate it somewhere in my home, and so I'm toying with the idea of a watercolor pineapple.  I just can't seem to decide if it should be in color or black and white.  Any suggestions??

This is the eleventh hour and I am trying my best to get it together.  For starters, I know I'm not the only one going to be reupholstering just days before (I hope not!)  My checklist for what I'd love to accomplish, but just might hyperventilate over:

-Reupholster bench
-Buy dresser
-Finish abstract/watercolor artwork
-Draperies for the window
-New bed linen
-Swap out too large TV for smaller one 
-Recover bamboo chairs
-Update headboard??

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  1. Love the white bedding! It looks so crisp and clean!

    1. Thanks, Sheila! It makes me always want to curl up inside :)

  2. I love your art wall and the dresser turned out wonderfully! I love that watercolour--if that is the one in colour, I think it will look right at home in your bright yet gentle space. (Personally, I think the black and white is great--but the stripes seem a bit too sharp edged for me, here. Maybe a faux black and white leopard type design or a small greek key like your handles would blend better? Dunno. I just have design on the brain, these days and can't seem to help handing out unsolicited advice!

    1. Thanks, Alana! I kept thinking I'd take the black and white headboard out, but I have something in the works for it and so it's going to stick around for the final reveal.

  3. I love your stripe headboard and your artwork is beautiful! Your still to do list looks like mine, I'm nervous i'm not going to get all of it done! Your room looks perfect already I can't wait to see the reveal!

    1. Thanks Sherry! I hope I can pull some miracle in the eleventh hour ;-) Good luck!!

  4. Sara, that headboard is amazing! I've always loved it. I think white bedding is always a great choice. Kids or not. That's what bleach is for, right?