Friday, May 9, 2014

One Room Challenge: Week 6 | The Reveal

This is it--we finally made it to week six of the The One Room Challenge.  If you want to see where I originally started go here.  I am excited and a little bit sad this challenge is all coming to an end. It's been great finally finishing some projects for this room, and fun to watch the participants progress too.  Over the past few weeks I've had some major life events going on and so my room went a little unattended for a bit.  But even through it all, I needed this little project.  It was nice to have an escape and something to busy my mind.  

If you follow me on Instagram you'll notice a few things I'd been working on over the last few weeks and I'm stoked at how they all came together. Now for starters, we rent and so my room consisted of diy's that weren't permanent, and like most, on a budget.  So I did my best to find things on CL, diy it myself or use what I already had.  This not only made the hubs happy, but our checkbook too.  One of the first things I decided on was my beaded chandelier, this baby was no easy feat and I'm happy to report, I will never do that again. Seriously, never. That thing was torture--and took like, forever to finish.  But it turned out to be a great focal point for the room and gave some interest to my character-less room.

For the bed, I went completely neutral and kept it white.  Unfortunately, I didn't purchase my pillows soon enough and am still waiting on them to arrive.  Seriously, this killed it for me.  They will definitely make this room.  And with the black and white striped headboard, I know they're gonna steal the show.

These banana leaf pillow covers are what I ordered and I cannot wait!

This dresser was the one that turned my little plan upside down. I am completely in love with her.  

I switched things up halfway through the challenge and I decided the room needed a little bit of my Hawaiian culture and I couldn't stop thinking about pineapples and my dad--so this little pineapple trio was born. 

And even though I didn't get everything finished on my to-do list, I'm really happy I participated and that I'm much closer to completing our room.  A really big thanks to Linda, for putting this whole shindig together.  Everyone has done such an amazing job--you all rock!



Pinch pleat duvet cover:  Target
Headboard:  DIY ; Fabric:  IKEA
Nightstands:  Thrifted/Vintage 
Chandelier:  DIY ; Tutorial: GUS & LULU
Pillow:  DIY ; Fabric: Napkin from World Market
Draperies:  Target
Dresser:  Craigslist
Lamps:  Target
Accessories:  HomeGoods, Target, Thrifted
Silver bamboo frames:  HomeGoods
Pineapple art:  DIY myself
Large abstract art:  Cozamia
Planters: IKEA


  1. Love it Sara! I hope one day I will be able to make my room look a little more like a bedroom than a catch-all! BTW, love the pineapples...Love you sis!

  2. This is beautiful Sara. Those banana leaf pillows are gorge...I love the touches of the island, as I am an island girl myself :-)

  3. Sara....I can definitely visualize this room with those gorgeous pillows! I love the headboard and all of the white! Great job:)

  4. Those pillow covers are going to look gorgeous. I love the pineapples. What you've done so far looks lovely!!

  5. love it, sarah! loving the wood bead chandy!

  6. There is so much I love about this room - I am not sure where to begin! I love the pineapple trio - I love the headboard and you are so right - those pillows will knock this out of the park! great job!!!

  7. so, so pretty!! I think that headboard will look spectacular with the leafy pillows!

  8. Sara, it looks great and those pillows will be the icing on the cupcake. Love the color combo. I'm also a bit obsessed with pineapples, so I love the prints, too. Great job and we all know a room is never really done.

  9. What a pretty space! Love all the details...especially that headboard and gorgeous chandelier!!! Those pillows will look fabulous in here!! Well done!